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  1. It's not inaccurate it's actually spot on lol. Even just on pc having a total of 46k of a monthly concurrent... For pc... Is not even competing in the industry. It's like comparing cola no name to coke or Pepsi.
  2. You can look up concurrent players per month and warframe sits at 46k while w0w has 4.88 million subscribers... 50 million registered players SINCE Launch lol that means absolutely nothing when only 0.01% play monthly.... ROFL Do you even research 🙂
  3. And yet I also stated that I beleive pvp is the easiest content to produce for such endgame content. Clearly DE doesn't know how to make repayable content. Game will be dead by ps5 release.
  4. Easy to look it up multiple sources show but I trust steam charts. And when I say spike Its present only in the last few months. Average Flux for warframe has been a plus minus of 10k concurrent monthly players and in last few months has increased by 100%. This is not an assumption just statistics. Facts.
  5. You just described every aspect of all content in warframe. This is why end game content is needed. Something new comes out and people complete it and there's no replay ability. The argument for pvp is that if it takes off the replay ability is there. The only answer they have for endgame content is nightwave challenges and anyone can easily see its just a battle bass system lols... Idc if it's pvp orientated or not they need replayable content not grind and done.
  6. Bigger risk bigger reward... Regardless of assumptions or not.. Warframes player base is dying and what you are saying is let it die slowly xD Honestly it doesnt need pvp It just has to have replay ability and challenge to qualify as end game content. Raids are huge pve staple but again, has to be done right. Rip DE and their 50k monthly users lol.
  7. My whole point is DE implemented the conclave and they don't update it or pay any attention to it and I believe that is a big mistake as they are losing player base every month. Any end game content would help warframe bloom but unfortunately there is none and that's not for a lack of trying (raids were botched)
  8. 2017 2018 coincidentally being the highest spike in population base... Hmmm
  9. Multiple iterations? I have seen conclave as the only attempt which was botched very badly. But the numbers don't lie... Games with pvp do much better than games without and warframe player base is declining quickly. Other games with successful pvp are irrelevant is a very ignorant comment. You can't disprove that pvp isnt the reason nor can I prove it but it does show a correlation. Between successfully player base.
  10. Warframe has evolved so much over the last 7 years that I have played it on and off. However we all know about the elephant in the room that is the Conclave and pvp. DE has been very diligent with their updates, progressing the game and community farther than anyone anticipated. This has been a long process of feedback, being transparent, and great communication with the community through Twitter, twitch, and events. In fact I'd go as far to say that DE is one of the most progressive when it comes to updating and balancing their game. Where does it stop? AT PVP. PVP (conclave) has never progressed and therefore continues to shrink and that is a major problem for branching out to new players. Why should they add PVP now? Look at any online competitive game and you will see the player base excels higher and faster than any pve online game. Fortnite when it first was beta had a secondary mode which took the world by storm called battle royal. That's right... It was just a secondary mode to their PVE focused game play. This game has 8.3 concurrent players every month with an all time high of 78 million in August. Regardless of half being 8 yr Olds that's impressive and why the game continues to pull in revenue and in turn the devs bring in more as well. Apex legends another battle royal mode that took advantage of the publicity and popularity and it has ramped up more than warframe could ever dream. (I haven't even played Apex legends im just looking at the statistics.) Warframe in the last few months has had a monthly high of 47k users. Apex legends has a Weekly average of 8-10 million users. Before we jump on the bandwagon to warframe royal let's look at some different online competitive pvp statistics. League of legends very popular moba game with 27 million weekly players and 80 million a month. World of War raft CLASSIC this is just the old school vanilla Wow version and in August had a peak of 12 million users and has kept its concurrent player base thus far. Player base for warframe has been declining since 2016 like a a dependable stock. In November 2018 warframe had a monthly base of 61k (peak of 131k). In fact if you look at the steam charts you can see that warframe player base peaked in end of 2017 to early 2019. However since August 2019 warframe has been steadily declining per month. What use to be a plus minus of 10k users from month to month has grown to 20k to 30k. The month of October showers a player base of 34k. Now just because the player base is declining that doesn't directly correlate with pvp, however... Warframe end game content is lacking both replay ability and competitiveness. Generally it is very hard to create pve content that has this replay ability. Pvp is the easiest route for warframe to Boom its player base in the online gaming industry. Pvp advantages -End game content -competitive -bring in much larger player base Pvp disadvantages -balancing with pve (add different system like w0w with pvp resistance and dmg) -the strain on pve content on start up (focusing on pvp will take away from pve as it needs to be taken seriously and not thrown together for another conclave) I see warframe dwindling down to a player base of 20k in late 2020 if no additional changes are made for end game content.
  11. Yea pvp is dead in warframe because it is trash pvp. It's not because people don't want pvp... It's literally because it's so badly developed and nothing has been done to change it or fix the pvp issue. And the argument that people don't want pvp is complete ignorance lol. Fortnite has more players than wf. It boomed right from the start with its crap graphics, mechanics... Apex legends, any fps... Rpgs like eso, Wow, all thrive on pvp. If DE actually took notes from those games to create an actual pvp system it Would attract a lot more people to wf for the simple fact that it's a free game with competitive. Like sure DE releases new content every couple months and I'm really excited for railjacks on console... But all these updates... And after a few weeks I'm bored. DE needs some type of endgame play, and pvp is the Easiest impliment. Raids are usually go to in pve mmos but DE didn't get that right either. So we gunna say that no one wants raids xD
  12. Battle royal gimmick Idk if this is a joke or not yet I haven't made up my mind xD
  13. My mistake, I'm solely talking about melee exalted weapons not a broken Mesa ult. There should be no argument here as any melee weapon can out dps Wukong or Valkyr with blood rush and weeping wounds. Wukong took a big hit since his staff didn't recieve any buffs like every other weapon because it was previously scaled to melee 3.0 already. Condition overload nerf indirectly affects Wukong greatly. The recent buff to the steel mods helps immensely, but doesn't level out the playing field. All im saying is... When any prime weapon (melee) can out dps an exalted weapon(melee) , then there is no reason to use Wukong ult period. Valkyr at least has invincibility and the buff to steel mods helps Valkyr lvl out with Wukong. ***also I should add with an abundance of testing... Strength has horrific dmg scaling on his weapon.
  14. After much rework to melee weapons, it seems exalted weapons have been left behind. It's abundantly clear they need to be reworked or buffed to become relevant. Exalted weapons... Take up ult warframe ability spot. Costs energy to use and has drain. Can be nullified by enemies. Can't use blood rush or weeping wounds. No rivens for exalted weapons. For all these reasons, exalted weapons are obsolete when they should have an edge on regular melee. Please revamp the exalted weapons or get rid of them entirely for something worthwhile of the ult spot for these hurt frames.
  15. Oh thank you so much for the formula I will be keeping this info. Very helpful especially didn't know the 12th stack isn't counted per say. To my knowledge I thought 100% crit gaurentee orange crits, 200% gaurentee red crits and anything past would be purple crits or at least much higher red crit numbers. With the new sacrificial update I am able to achieve 80-90% red crits with some orange. Sometimes I see red crits in the tens of thousands and others hundreds of thousands. But I only see the latter a small percentage of the time. When I test just the gladiator mods and sacrificial steel 220% with the math you provide I should be at 127.5% cc so 27.5% chance to red crit but none in sight. This leads me to believe the glad mods aren't tied to the combo multiplier but the crit multiplier instead in my testing. I wish they could add a real time Stat sheet that we could confirm everything easier. I also recently checked a few posts about losing glad and blood rush stacks on exalted weapons when switching in and out of operator.
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