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  1. All that extra room's gunna make it a lot harder to run into him tho.
  2. Lolno, Ravenant's the party Frame. His 1 gives him dancers, his 2 is a personal smoke machine, and his 4 is the laser show.
  3. It still isn't very impressive, considering you get 450k per ~7 minutes by running Index with a booster. Good money from sorties isn't that hard, either, btw. 300k each, again with a booster.
  4. There are a lot of assets I'd love to have as ship deco. Containers, lockers... A kubrow nest for my space doggo. >_>
  5. 1 and 2. You can't equip each breeds' precepts on each other, either, so I'm not really sure what you're getting at here. I already said I understand other people don't think the same way as I do on this, so I'm also not sure why you're still harping on it. 3. In point of fact, the Lanka and the Snipetron are essentially the same weapon. The Snipetron was the original, but when DE realized that having a bullet-based sniper rifle didn't fit with the Corpus' theme of energy weapons, they retired it- only to bring it back later, granted- and released the Lanka in its place. As for Warframes, yes they are absolutely the same 'type' of thing, read the lore ffs. At their core, they're all The fact that they have different abilities is exactly the same thing as the kubrow/kavat breeds having different precepts. 4. Even harder than admitting when you're wrong is realizing that someone else having a different opinion to yours doesn't make them wrong. I'm sorry you're still having so much trouble coming to terms with that.
  6. They mentioned a few DevStreams ago that they're working on getting pets on a level with sentinels, and that's their end goal. Removing the penalty part of dna integrity was part of it, as was taking out pets dying when they hit 0%.
  7. I did get that right. That's why I said 'if you count the Charger.' Personally, I do because it uses the same skeleton/animations, and is itself made from a kubrow, but I understand that not everyone thinks this way. Please don't correct me when I'm not wrong.
  8. Given that The Emissary, like Wolf of Saturn Six, ended with a cliffhanger, I'd imagine we'll be seeing Arlo again in a later season, and learning more about him when we do. As for the quotes, they're mostly in line with what we already get from Lephantis in that they recognize the Frames as being an infestation strain and want them to be part of the whole; though why Arlo would have given them a lantern that removes their invulnerability is all kinds of confusing.
  9. Just go and farm literally any Prime thing and you'll get that much in ducats from things that aren't it.
  10. They didn't 'ninja patch' it, you just didn't read the notes.
  11. Are we sure about being limited to 2 per day? I'm pretty sure I recall farming them pretty hard early on. But yeah, you only get one per appearance, hence the X/3 that is shows for that area. You can't just farm them by doing every single invasion node.
  12. ...you realize we get new Prime gear every 3 months, right? Like could you at least pay attention before complaining?
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