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  1. Because the Cernos is DE's DBZ character. I, personally, look forward to its next form.
  2. So I've got this habit of, when I'm naming my things, I use the DE method of settling on a word that relates to the thing's theme, translating it to another language, and using that. In Helminth's case, I wanted to call it 'benefit,' and at the time, I was using Gaelic. This resulted in the rather charming circumstance of my Helminth being named... Sochair.
  3. Came here for this. Throw on the parkour mods and you can easily finish those rivens without even bothering to wall jump to reset the timer.
  4. Yes, it's beyond confusing that the 150-riven cap, prior to reaching Mastery 30, doesn't allow you to have more than 150 rivens at any given time. I have no idea how DE can have let this slip through the cracks.
  5. Duration-built Atlas, and get real friendly with your 3. c:
  6. Just run a duration-built Limbo. They always seem downright terrified of engaging in combat.
  7. Considering that, in this particular case, the whole point is testing how to integrate Necramechs into standard missions, which is something they've wanted to do since Deimos dropped, I don't see why this comes as a surprise to anyone. Or is even a point of contention. Or why I bothered making this comment since I'll more than likely get called out as a DE White Knight or whatever.
  8. It's almost like the Mastery tests are there to test your mastery of the game's various systems. Or something. If you're having trouble, you can practice to your heart's content in the Sanctuary.
  9. Look, I know this wasn't the focus of your post, but I can't, in good conscience, not tell you how ridiculous that is. You copy the files from where they are into where Epic wants to put them. It is literally a small handful of button presses, and the most technical part is finding where to put the copies- which is made incredibly easy by everything being labeled. And redirecting the install is even easier because it eschews the entire first part of that, so all you have to do is follow the clearly-labeled folders in the dropdown menu it puts right in front of you. If that level of 'technical'
  10. o i c I didn't realize the armor reduction was tied to the heat meter, as well.
  11. Well that's just flat wrong. The only abilites that have reduced effects- and no, I'm not counting ones that can't synergize because what they synergize with isn't present- are Fire Blast, Eclipse, Larva, Dispensary, Roar, Warcry, and Defy.
  12. What possible reason could they have for doing that- or anyone have for going with that option- when downloading the Epic launcher takes less than 5 minutes, setting up the 'install' of Warframe takes however long your computer needs to copy the files over, then you can just launch the game once, shut it down as soon as you've logged in, uninstall the Epic launcher, and never think about it again? I mean it's your money, throw it around however you like, but good god...
  13. Imagine; we've actually reached the point wherein the complaint being made is that the game isn't a massive cash grab, and there's parts of it you actually have to play to access. What a time to be alive.
  14. You know how there's all that rigmarole around emblems for clans, centered mostly around how they go through every one manually to make sure they're judged correctly? Would it be neat? Certainly. Are they going to do it for every individual MR30 as well? Never.
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