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  1. I want Zephyr and Valkyr to drop together so I can get both of the Operator suite. :C AND. LISET.
  2. Take a max range/duration Atlas into any radioactive sortie and petrify your team.
  3. Probably because it's Proto, not Deluxe. Best is Nezha's, no question. Worst is the upcoming Ivara one. :V
  4. So long as Liset Prime's in the accessories, they can do Frost/Ember again for all I care.
  5. ...we just gunna ignore that? Like... you literally are the one clicking on the mods. If you're not being careful, that's on you.
  6. I get this every now and again, and it's pretty much always when I've alt-tabbed while loading.
  7. Yeah but those are for stabbing people. These are for stabbing computers.
  8. I would love Zanuka-style modulars; you probably wouldn't see me using much else. But I also get why that might not happen any time soon. Now, if you want to tell me I get to put Bursa legs on my Moas...
  9. I mean his ult would be an Exalted version of the Kuva Jesters' squeaky hammer, obviously.
  10. ...do kavats not play with the pet toys? Figured that was the whole point of them.
  11. I put several hours into running disruption over the event, and the only thing I encountered that I could even start to call a bug was a single Demo that didn't have the priority target marker on it. Like... historically, new gametypes do tend to be buggy, I'll give you that, but Hostile Mergers was incredibly stable, in my experience.
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