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  1. I am having lot of issues with it especially last one can DE just change it??
  2. It's a huge bug and i want DE to look into this Got 50% off and immediately bought a shawzin but when i try to play it it doesn't work it's goes back into gear thingy (don't know what it is called) DE please fix this
  3. (PS4)foliate-trail

    Huge Bug

    I have a HUGE BUG to show you all guys and i want a DE person to look into please..... I got 50% off from login rewards and immediately got hands in the shawzin it is good but when i try to open songs tab the shawzin animation closes mean the warframe keeps the shawzin back inti gear thing (idk what it is called) and i cant play shawzin rest of the day (i have days of the dead shawzin)
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