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  1. I want this too cause i am PS4 player and to play on pc when i am away from PS4 DE crossplay with new war please
  2. Maybe we both think we should get ropaloloyst rework
  3. DE please fix it one day i void dashed it and cannot even move and today when i was controlling the ropalolyst to the zapper the game physics refused to work and i was stuck there for 15 minuted and then the whole squad left Ropalolyst Rework please
  4. I am having lot of issues with it especially last one can DE just change it??
  5. It's a huge bug and i want DE to look into this Got 50% off and immediately bought a shawzin but when i try to play it it doesn't work it's goes back into gear thingy (don't know what it is called) DE please fix this
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