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  1. Natah is a victim from all points of view: she is is being manipulated by her "father", by Ballas, and perhaps even by the Tenno (in a indirect way though)
  2. LOOOOL xD that's the award winning honor code of the Tenno xD
  3. While we have more than one reason to believe Ballas used the Tenno to exact his revenge for Margulis, but what about the Man in The Wall? So far, everything points to him being the only one who never used/betrayed us, and it's the only one that seems to fit into the *real* Tenno Faction.
  4. I'm fine with game concept of "defend a target", but the AI of said target is just too dumb and the npc glitches off the map too often, so you are actually fighting glitches rather than enemies
  5. my only concern is that it's Warframe, not Attack On Titans...
  6. I think they added that skill just for the memes, there is no other rational reason. Just don't use it, and problem solved
  7. I am perfectly fine with that, I didn't even bother building my railjack yet because it's currently a waste of time and, knowing how things work, I will steer away from rushing to Empyrean right after release, waiting several weeks if not months for all the critical bugs to emerge and be fixed.
  8. I think the only rational reason for that poor experience is: timegating.
  9. I never found a group for the Profit Taker, it has been a complete desert so far, thus I am stuck at Vox Solaris standing. Quills.... a bit easier, at least not all PUG are bad, and sometimes I pulled of several caps in one night
  10. genuinely curious, as a new player I never spent more than 15 minutes total in a Sortie (including all three stages), maybe 20 if you factor in the occasional defense mission, but 1 hour? never happened. What kind of Sortie requires one hour?
  11. I think I just discovered an outstanding bug in the Plains of Eidolon. WHO is involved: two players in a team of four WHAT happens: two players can switch instantly position, no matter the distance WHEN it happens: during host migration HOW to reproduce the bug: full team needed, one player (not host) must enter the gate in Cetus (as to extract, and the counter for extraction must start), then HOST player must start host migration. RESULT: the two players involved will instantly switch place, the player inside Cetus Gate will be teleported, in spoiler mode, in the exact spot of the host, while the host will either disconnect or go back to Cetus instead of being in a different (solo) instance. I did three tests with three different teams, and got always the same result. I understand the amount of trials does not suffice for statics purposes, but it may be an indicator, and maybe devs may find this worth investigating.
  12. I found a devstream that has some useful food for thoughts (link is with timestamp to the direct question):
  13. Warframe offers a nice variety of activities, I like some more than others, and I am perfectly fine with them going into uncharted waters. Really, the only thing I don't like is "layered RNG" , but I am totally fine with the concept of, say, Kuva Lich
  14. ground finishers didn't work for me. Stealth finishers did
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