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  1. All nodes get locked if host migration occurs during loading screen. temporary solution I found: logging out of the game. Relogging allows for normal gameplay...until the next host migration
  2. I've seen well equipped RJ finishing Gian in 2 minutes, but I've never seen people do so with AW
  3. nope. Instead of imagining the current enemies, imagine an opponent with the same 'potential' of a Warframe (dodging, sprinting, climbing, damage reduction, etc). It can really be done, now the question is just "does the community want it?". My guess is no...
  4. as I said elsewhere, there are several ways to increase the difficulty without ridding players of their immense power. One of this ways is to just have single enemy units with incredibly high resistance (never entirely immune) to specific Warframe abilities. Put them randomized in each mission, boost that with good AI, and it's done: you have a perfect balance between challenge and fairness. I understand that, since they are randomized, the occasional unlucky squad would meet four nearly unbeatable units against which no power would work, but hey that's life. If you truly can't beat them "bare handed" just extract and retry, you may getter a better matchup.
  5. that's because the frame that you are using is not good at defending (but it excels at attacking) 🙂 Warframe is all about "using the right tool for the right job", so I'll list here a few options at your disposal in no particular order: - ask in Recruiting chat for help: many high MR players will be happy to help - farm a defensive frame and do that mission with it (someone before mentioned Frost, good choice, but know there are many others) - struggle until you accidentally beat it - craft some Specter and park it near the defense objective there are other ways of course, but some are a bit spoilery. anyway, if you are on PC and still needs help pm me, I'll get rid of that Chroma for you.
  6. imagine spending jillion dollars into adapting the entirety of the massive WF game into a new engine just to see people zipping to the capture target in less than 30 secs without actually even noticing there are textures between the starting point and the exit of the map... yeah totally worth it.
  7. I witnessed an interesting thing so I'll share my experience: we had the Stalker spawn during a Stage3 Sortie. As he spawned, attacked with a swing of his sword our Rhino and he downed him immediately, so a lv100 Stalker is still fun to play vs. I wish he'd be a much harder encounter btw...
  8. do we really need a reason to crave more power in a power fantasy game?
  9. there is a moment, during the Erra cinematic, in which Ballas turns around his face while making what I consider a "creepy grin", as if he knows more than what the viewer is thinking he does. There is a chance that he let himself be captured for.... Void only knows the answer
  10. Nullifiers are the dumbest thing in this game, they should have never been brought into the light. Remove them and create special units with resistance to specific frame powers. I know it'd be a lot of work, but gameplay would be 100x times more engaging
  11. ahem my operator has more health and armor than the frame I main... anyway: I'd be okay with being able to revive the WF, but I'd like tougher battles at least give us some special units with advanced AI that pops in the map after an extended period of time spent in a mission
  12. I have lv10 Engineering and it is extremely useful
  13. it is an option, sure. Would be optimal? Debatable. Would it be an improvement compared to the mess we have now? yes. 😄
  14. exactly this. Also, I am in full support of variety, just simplifying and streamlining everything, below an example made on the fly: "separate status Avionics from Crits Avionics with a clear indication, then ensure that Lavan < Vidar < Zetki" so you can still install a Status Vidar Avionics, but if you drop a Status Zetki you know immediately that it will be better. as easy as Warframe is now, there is no room for unnecessary complexity. Things would maybe differ if we had a real simulation of space battles in which the type of hull and weapons installed on enemy's ships would require in-depth knowledge about 'how to counter' them, but really... this is not the case at all.
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