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  1. We already did 3 runs in row now. The first run, nothing happened, so we extracted to start the bounty again. The second run, we had the Search & Destroy Corpus Moa's again (just like the first run). However during this round, the Moa's didn't spawn at all. 0 spawn. So we had to extract, failed the bounty and we restarted. Run number 3, it started well, nothing wrong. We had 3 excavators, they all finished, we got our reward. But then Search & Destroy Corpus Moa's came up again. While on our way to the Corpus Moa's, the bounty suddenly failed. I already had 2 kills.
  2. During Orphix Venom - Endurance (Jupiter), we had the Corpus Gas City tileset. 1 of our Cores spawned in the closed room we couldn't open. And because of this, we couldn't destroy the Orphix Venom & we failed the mission.
  3. Love these rewards !! Keeping my fingers crossed for the Stalker glyph <3 (and hopefully not as many duplicates as last week XD)
  4. All other parts were given if you watched 30+ minutes... the receiver is the only part which didn't drop.
  5. Is the Monday stream at 1PM et? or at 12PM et? Because the donation thing kind of makes me confused.
  6. Enjoy your weekend off !! Hope you had some nice time to relax :D Been a while since I replied/requested here...so my apologies if I did ask this before! But is it possible to make something out of this? Borderlands - Meriff soundtrack (Biggest Arse on the Moon)
  7. I finally grinded all parts of this weapon only this week after months of farming. This is such a bummer.
  8. We were doing the bounties for quite a while (1h, 46min in the run after completing multiple bounties), but at some point, stage 4/4, the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut spawned, but didn't move at all. While he wasn't moving, there was also not a enemy spawn. We had to extract the mission because we couldn't continue. Polyp-Hog Juggernaut just standing here As soon as we abandoned the objective & the bounty failed, the enemies started to spawn again.
  9. It is a feature, it is known that not all missions restore.
  10. So my friend (Stoet) and I just had finished the 3rd mother bounty Anomaly Retrieval. During this mission we didn't had any bugs or problems, only when we wanted to extract. When we wanted to extract, we had the notify that our accounts couldn't be updated and that it would retry in a few seconds. Updating Account , this message had been shown various times. It would count down to 0 and then restart from 10 to 0 again multiple times. When Stoet clicked "abort update" he got transferred back to loading stream and into Deimos without any rewards. I on the other hand, got stuck inside
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