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  1. In past few weeks i have seen people who mention that they had just discovered Warframe and then later they got so involved in it their life changed. I heard people saying warframe helped them to overcome their toxic environment in family, it helped some to overcome depression, it helped some to trust people online and make friends, it helped some to create a career , it helped someone to just explore some fun in this mundane world, i think their are lots of stories like this and it would be great if we share some and have a greater bond in community and help each other out. Maybe we can share many wonderful stories like this in TENNOCON , DE can pick random stories to make it fair and read it out, so that the community itself feels close and one and DE will also get to know how we feel about them cause anyone can point out mistakes but only some can appreciate for what they are. My Story(might not be interesting but honest and i know there are more wonderful stories out there) For me i just saw in advertisement of warframe on instagram, i was living in college hostel and pretty bored of my mundane monotonous sad life, i liked to play pc games but didnt had time and didnt find any interesting game too. So i download this game played the first game and felt like ya its good but what next?(i didnt know how to do next quest) so again i stopped playing and continued on to the same life, later i found a video about it and then that damn so easy it was, slowly i explored more and more and now i am a fan of it, i wake up everyday in enthusiasm to find what new things warframe holds and hope to play it as long as i can, only Warframe in my life is the new thing that keeps my life exciting and keeps me to look forward for tomorrow! Thank you Warframe!
  2. 1st Broken punch -punches in a unique way to every faction and breaks the enemy into pieces. ranking up will cause the ability to have more punches in same energy amount. 2nd Thieve -after killing an enemy it will steal one of the ability of enemy and can use it once , ranking up can use it multiple times. 3rd Diversity - as the warframe is broken, this ability will give a random buff ,but which gives damage to faction we are fighting or maybe power up buff like speed ,shield etc.(totally random) 4th Broken swarm- creates Specters which have diverse random buffs and diverse random types of dealing damage but less health, can be bossted with 3rd ability( makes 6 specters max) (SImilar to nekros 4th ability.) passive - The more the warframe breaks the shield or Armour of enemy the more shield or Armour he gets! (can be stored to a Limit )
  3. Name:- Ordis 2.0 Description:-During the Last Battle of New War, The Player Fights with the Enemy and loses as the player did not have a specific shield against a special attack of the boss enemy,(a Dramatic cut-scene plays, where the world is collapsing and the player is struggling to survive and about to die,ordis comes with the ship to rescue but is hit by the boss enemy by a single long range attack and ship collapse, the boss enemy tries to choke the player to death and just then a pure form of energy comes blasting through the ship and hits the boss,ITS ORDIS it then takes a Exoskeletal form of a warframe (Ordis 2.0)and combines with the player like a 2nd skin "an alive Armour" to make a new legendary warframe(Its like combing A+B=C chance of introducing another warframe maybe?)and then they have Legendary Battle and Maybe Win? Story:-When Ordis was Connected to the player,Ordis started to learn all about its player ,its fighting style,looks pros and cons etc. and gathering knowledge, when the final quest is happening ordis knows that the player going to fail and hints the player not to fight the last battle but the player goes,then worried ordis goes back through his knowledge database and joints all the hints of a hollow body prison powered from sentient energy to imprison Ordan Kariss, ordis take that body prision(shape is like a shell of body) into the railjack, and experiments on it to converts it to the benefit of the player and thus the body of ordis 2.0(Exoskeleton) is created and then used in last battle of New war. Power:-1 Drains energy from sentinet for the player. 2 Heals the player to full only able to use once. 3.befriend sentient to fight along side the player. 4.can separate from player to fight along side with all stats increased twice of the player and of ordis. Theme:-A friend in need is a friend Indeed.
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