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  1. I was trying to mod my rhino in Fortuna when the whole thing glitched for a sec, there was a prompt that said (x) yes (o) no. I didn't see the normal warning for "you want to buy an exilus adaptor?" And my cursor was on an ordinary mod slot, row 2 collum 4. I thought I should just press x for yes and the prompt would simply disappear... I found that I was missing 20platinum and was hoping there was some way this could be refunded? Idk if anyone had a similar issue or not.
  2. Name: Shrezerin Gender model: Male Description: Sometimes, blood is all you need. Rip your opponents to shreds and use their blood to heal yourself Base health: 450 Base shiled: 150 Base armor: 105 Base energy: 200 1st: razor sprite - creates a sawblade projectile that orbits Shrezerin and his companions, sawblade will strike the first enemy within 50 meters for (level 0) 150 damage (level 3) 350 damage with a guaranteed slash status. Attacking an enemy after they are hit with razor sprite will restore a small amount of health. Scales with range and power strength. Energy cost: 20. Range: 50m 2nd: vampire - impale one enemy for (level 0) 5% (level 3) 15% of their health(true damage) and heal by the same amount. Impaled enemies also have their armor stripped for (level 0) 5 seconds (level 3) 10 seconds. Scales with duration amd power strength. Energy cost: 50. Range: 5m 3rd: Spike surprise - lay a hunter's trap(which resembles the cyst removing table) much like Vauban's trap toss. This trap will impale the first enemy to walk over for (level 0) 200 damage (level 3) 600 damage and holds them in place for 3 seconds. Scales with strength and duration; trap does not disappear until triggered, maximum of 6 traps at a time. Energy cost: 50. Range: 15m arch of throw, unlimited resting range, contact triggered. 4th: Vampire rage(exalted weapon) - squad weapons are imbuned with 30% life steal(lasts after ability end for 20seconds, cannot be increased) as Shrezerin releases his true power. Shezerin receives a 200% armor buff and his health pool is doubled(lasts until returned to normal from being damaged after ability end) as his claws grow out to attack. Claws hit with 50% life steal and break down armor. Energy cost: 10. Drain: 5e/s. Range: 15m. Vampire's aura range: 50m. Passive: Monster of the night - gain a 10% damage bonous at night, stealth kills turn you invisible for 12 seconds, 1% inate lifesteal at all times. Exalted weapon: Vampire's claws - a powerful set of claws with the ability to return a victim's blood to their holder as a means of healing. Base stats: Attack Speed- 1.75 Range- 5m Critical chance- 25% Critical multiplier- ×2.5 Status chance- 20% Life steal- (exalted) 50% (normal) 9% Puncture- (exalted) 50 (normal) 10 Slash- (exalted) 100 (normal) 20 Impact- (exalted) 20 (normal) 5 Toxin- (exalted) 50 (normal) 10
  3. Thanks, any other ideas you have to add? 🙂
  4. When you hear "Warframe Conclave" or even "Lunaro," you probably think of one of two things: 1) slammer spammer filled lobbies that end with the first person to touch the floor dying, or 2) empty lobbies entirely. But, what if it wasn't like that? When it comes to PvP in warframe, there just is no balance, even with the mod stripping for entry. So, here's some of my ideas for when it comes to the conclave and that crappy lil soccer game(that is actually fun if you get enough players in it): 1) Conclave relics. With the addition of Requim relics and Kuva Litches, it is amazing that Kuva hasn't started to show up literally everywhere yet. Basically, requim relics and Kuva should be potential rewards in the conclave, but incredibly rare. 2) Conclave Factions. Players choose a faction that works similarly to(or even could match) their clan. Clans participate in conclave brackets based on size, clan tier, and average Mastery Rank. These factions give different rewards that could very well be all kinds of different values. 3) Tournaments and Betting. If players have extra mods, plat, primed parts, or even fish, players should be able to place them into a betting pool for games like Lunaro and the free-for-all game mode. The winners would get the pooled rewards and bets would be entirely optional. Though, a player has to put a bet in to recieve a reward, and if the winners did not enter a bet the items should be refunded. 4) "Slam combat" BEGONE! In conclave, the only thing players do is slam their weapons on the ground or wall-jump around until they hit someone. This is not PvP, it's a waiting game. So instead, revamp the stamina system and put it into just conclave. Giving players more limited vulnerability results in actual fighting and less "well, not like anyone can die until they touch the ground anyways." 5) Bonus conclave missions for nightwave. Each week players get 1 conclave mission to aid them in the Nightwave passes, these missions award 4,500 standing or a mini bonus reward such as 30 nightwave credits.
  5. Yes, and that's where an algorithm that uses team composition, Mastery Rank, and other factors to find suitable match-ups. There would also be ways around being frozen, like in a pvp scenario, an enemy Limbo's "Stasis" ability would not completely freeze an enemy player, but would still make things more difficult on the afected player. Also, it's different to have friendly fire and be rewarded for taking/ignoring PvP encounters. The memer, in this scenario, would get his tin head blown off until he learned while the dreamer would simply lose hope until he gets a decent squad. Put simply: it's a very different concept that could work if executed properly than previous atempts. It works like the simulcrome in the sense that you can use your mods for pvp. Also, nightmare missions still exist with friendly fire, they're called radiation hazard and bringing a fulmin to one of those is fun~ 😃
  6. Okay, so we have exterminate missions, we have the index, we have assassinate, we have free roam. So, what if we did an amalgimation of these modes with a mix of the puzzles for the halls of ascension on lua, and put all that together to make a challenge onslaut for players to get things like vaulted relics and ayatan sculptures(basically the sortie rewards but also a lil extra to get players intrested). With a system like this, orokin challenge rooms could be added to the mix and we could have unique items like zaw and kitgun parts as rewards(also tenno amp parts too, like any of the modular items)! After every handfull of rooms/the end of a dungeon floor, there could be a boss fight from any of the faction assassinations or even new ones entirely! It would also be a great place for our kuva litch targets as it would allow for some amazing content. Let's not forget the possibilities of the all kinds of new weapon blueprints and prime grind this could add to the game. Not only this, but there could be pvp dungeons too, in which players can choose to work together or fight to the death with other squads they encounter in the dungeons. These dungeons would add that bit of flavor that conclave is dry to but for some reason the simulcrom and dojo deuls have access to: PvP with mods. No, not just those tacky zoom mods and blast radius ones, but also rivens and chaos builds! Conclave is also increadably limited by things like it's small reward pool and just general lack of fun. These pvp dungeons could be the new conclave, offering exciting rewards for players who think their builds are some tough stuff to go against each other and see who really comes out on top. Plus, make there be a reward for taking down another squad while leaving it unnecessary, this way players can be enticed to take on rival squads(matchmaking based on party size and CR(calc based on group stats, short for challeng rate and based on theoretical damage tanking ability + dps output)), but also know that they can just run to the next challenge. By making the PvP encounters seperate from the PvE encounters, players can have balanced and fair duels that they can choose to face off in or run away from as they see fit. In a PvP room, an item in the center, an objective of some sort, will have to be interacted with in order to confirm engagement in the encounter. If a squad triggers the encounter, the rival squad cannot leave until they fight. However, if a squad does not wish to fight there could be a mechanic in which a consensus could be made and both parties can be on their ways.
  7. So this eveloved to a meme stream? Nah. Gimme the win. I'm the last one to post at any reasonable time for your post to be seen.
  8. So like, you need a key to get in, and it's an onsaught variety mission such as survival or defense at which there are checkpoints to extract, but also better rewards awaiting until the end? Like first few rooms cleared, "oh fun, a low-value ayatan," and if you complete the final assassination, "WHAT? A SPECIAL BRATON THAT SHOOTS OPTICOR LAZERS AND MAKES ENEMIES INTO BALLOON ANIMALS!? THAT'S HILARIOUS!!!"? something like that?
  9. Idk, grendel is fun, but so are volt and rhino... Hmmmm... I guess it'd be fun to actually be THE TENNO and just control each of the warframes like it is in-game! You can do some pretty fun stuff and see for yourself what you'd like most. I just like being able to bounce between them. Just like in game. \(•u•)/
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