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  1. Who is that Nezha everyone keep talking about? :P
  2. Either Nezha or Inaros, but they should come soon :)
  3. Thanks for the forma and the Spiderman cosplay :P See you next week :)
  4. What was mixer? Why is closing? o_O Oh, sorry i just realized my first question answer the second :( See you on Thursday, watch your health and have a good week :)
  5. Why not take a little idea from the Dark Split-Sword the weapon change depending on the stance or mods you use. You need a shotgun, put it shotgun mods, melee mods, melee weapon. Either that or a gun/blade. Not a gunblade, but again taking an idea from the DSS, a weapon that can work as a gun or a blade. Even better if that is in the same mission, not that you choose the function based on the current mods but you can change back and forth between posible uses :)
  6. If your are a Corpus or Grinner then yes :P Jokes aside according to the Wiki: Tennō (天皇) in Japanese translates to "Divine Emperor".
  7. Will you fix that in Venus there are two suns? o_O One behind the planet and one on the far left observable from the personal quarters window. I know Lotus says that the system is in chaos but two suns are too much :P
  8. Sorry if it's inconvenient for you, but to have been born in the very first day of the month named after an emperor has a little charming that combines very well with my imperial personality, so i will not change it :P Also Tenno means divine emperor, so having many people born in that month play the game is fitting :)
  9. i start it and left it like a year ago, haven't missed anything :/
  10. IT IS OUT... My hype about the release of the update i mean :P And yes, before you ask, i play Loki :P
  11. No, i don't think so. When the glass thing was still bugged i got Nora's warning while doing a mobile defense mission for Hexis on Eris. There where only two Saryns prime and a lot of infested. Nora told us but nothing happened. Good thing it's fixed :) But i will need to wait for tomorrow :(
  12. Thanks for the update, now that i have read i can finally go back to play the game :P
  13. Gracias por los arreglos. Cuídense, esten sanitos y pásenlo bien con el juego ustedes también 😄
  14. Inaros noogle, last week it was Lotus noogle :) Thanks for keeping the "home" time in this times. Thanks again, keep your health and be safe :)
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