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  1. Don't know if this will help you, i play on PC, but when i yesterday i was watching the prime time. When the time is ready i reclaim my reward. It said i have got it. Today i login into the game it got like a minute or two for Tenshin to send me the mail. With the changes i think poor old but cool guy is a little late. Normally when i entered the game i already got the mails with the loot. Now apparently the game waits a little to send you the mail :) Hope you get you Shawzin and the reward without problems. Surely the system needs a little time to go more smoothly :D
  2. Yes, don't know if this is new or not, but only today i found it. Thanks still :) Since i don't have a necramech, something i should change in the near future, don't know if that marker is new or not. I was thinking, on my original comment, of a bigger marker, like the ones you can make, or others. That one works if you know what to look :) Oh, well time to grind vaults fr matrix and Deimos for resources :)
  3. If i can make an small suggestion for the event? Could it be posible to add markers to the Necramech for players that don't have one? Today in a long run it was difficult to find one and got to fight three orphix with my operator. Kinda he is better than the Necramech, but lacks survivability. A marker to know where to go to posses a Necramech could make the missions easy :D Also please check the spawning point. On the Corpus ship there is a room with, like, four columns that go up and down, and got four smaller storage rooms to the side. In on one of that little rooms i found a Necramech
  4. Thanks @Gilmaesh for the gifts, they are welcome and will be useful. Hope soon get a kitten :D Also sorry for only thanking today. I was going to do it yesterday but i got confused for your user name. I keep thinking of F/SN Gilgamesh :P And @trunks013 thanks for your words. And for Lavos, he is amazing :D Happy holidays for you all, and good new year :)
  5. I only got mine today, will keep watch for these things to see how much problematic Lavos could be. Thanks for the info in any case :)
  6. I got several spectres, Chroma, Valkyr, Oberon and Vauban. Vauban is the best just because his spectre is pure utility. He uses all his abilities and they are quite useful. Don't worry for using him on defenses only, he shines when defending places but serve for any mission too :)
  7. Good idea with the gifting of Lavos collection, hope i get one :) Thank you @trunks013 for the Lavos collection. I don't know what to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could say it a thousand time and still not enough. Thank you very much. I truly don't know what to say :) Thank you and happy holidays to you. Hope you get a really good next year, you truly deserve it :D
  8. Thank you so much for bringing the operation, and to make it that you can enjoy it even if you don't have a Necramech :D
  9. Small note, normally the video of the prime time would be here, but all i see is a grey screen that says: Este video tiene restricción de edad y solo está disponible en YouTube. Más información Meaning: "This video has age restrictions and is available on YouTube exclusively." Is this how it should work, or not? o_O
  10. Happy holidays to you two, the rest of the DE team and all the players. May we all have a better year coming :)
  11. Happy holidays to you all. May you end well this year and next one be better :) Lots and lots of better :) Like Prisma or Prime better :D
  12. By the way if someone wants to send me anything it's welcome. Xiphos, slots, kavat genetic codes, skins, anything :)
  13. Thanks for the weapons slots @trunks013 :) Now i got space for the heliocord i need to get the genetic codes for a kavat. That will be something fun to do for the next month :P
  14. Wishlist: To keep enjoying the game. That the rest of the people also enjoy it. That everyone of you got a happy holidays and a very good, and better, new year. That everyone helps making this world we got a little better so all of us can enjoy it and celebrate together free of our burdens and problems. Happy Tennobaum for everyone, my best wishes to you :D
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