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  1. These drops look, great and funny. Thanks and see you next week :)
  2. Thanks for the answers. I got many and the forum didn't told me :( Yes, the pink got a signification, so does the ribbon. Probably because of that can't be colored. To have the option jut dangling there and don't be able is kinda sad, but understable :/ In any case if it's a bug it has been reported, if not okay with that too :) Thanks and have a good week :D
  3. Thanks, the tea set will come handy after lunch with Konzu :D
  4. As the title says i want to ask this: The Conquera Syandana can't be color customized is that a bug or not? I brought it yesterday, i love the design and i support the cause it was made. Today i try it to see how it fit my warframe, and when i use it it's pink. It's exactly as in this image: It has the color customization slots but it doesn't change the colors of the Syandana. Therefor i ask: Is this a bug or not? I understand that the Syandana is in commemoration of this event and that the color pink is for the type of decease and the women that sadly must struggle with that p
  5. How many holidays doe Canada has? You start looking like Sweden :(
  6. [SPOILER] I used brackets and put inside the word spoiler. [Spoiler] I discovered this when trying to not spoil a complete paragraph i made a fractal spoiler :) And now i am not quite sure why it didn't work this time :( [Spoiler] operator [spoiler] second dream [spoiler]
  7. Good :) Good, except... : Does this mean that if ai have 3 weapons and cast again for other three half duration the original three will desapear? Shouldn't the recasting refresh the time of all weapons? o_O Very good :D Good to gaze this change :P Really good change. My problem with Deny was to aim to enemies and even when i did it they where outside range... Don't know how this is gonna work. As i said my problem with Deny is aim not movement. Will see how it works and tell you :) The untime thing really changes Xaku and how you use them
  8. In the last one they say that the next one will be in October, 20-30 of that month if i recall correctly :)
  9. Your comment is very welcome and important for us. Please share more of your wisdom :D
  10. As it's suppose to be. Xaku void damage works rather odd. In Xata's particular case: The Void damage bonus does not allow Xaku's weapons to damage Eidolon Shields of the Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. So... Zaku does void damage but they can hurt some sentients :( Here in the wiki is the information and fine prints of Xaku abilities. Read them, you will need it. And if we are talking about Xaku restarting the sentient resistances is the best you can wait at the moment. They are not an anti-sentient warframe. At least not compeltely :( Hope this help you :D
  11. It was vaulted in march, and good for you the neuroptics are easy to get. I think the chassis was the complicated part. Trade is the best option then. They will not put him in a prime vault for a while. So for what to trade to get the platinum for the neuroptcis? If you have been out for a while you should get some prime parts to sell. Try them, even if they are parts and not sets you may have a sell. As for current content to sell... Parts of Panthera prime and Karyst Prime, Iranos prime too, Trinity and Nova Prime and the best option rivens. You can always get some platinum with rivens :)
  12. I was hoping for Loki Prime :( Oh well, at least i don't need to worry about the relics and getting the prime things :)
  13. Good to see he is happy :) But when are gonna get our own? :( I want to have my own Mr. Bitey Scratchikens to pet and to take him to meet some Grineer and Corpus :P
  14. Having played, finally after the massive patch, with Xaku and the changes, i think you are going for the good way. One complain i have still is the infested matter of Xata's whisper. It looks, well, horrible and out of place. If it where on Nidus it would be great. But what has to do the infected matter with the void? And worse it can be colored. The infested mass of Nidus 4 change color with Nidus, the one on Xaku keeps the normal infested black and red no matter what colors you use on Xaku fashionframe. Also i reading the this thread i would like to add my voice to the time element of some a
  15. That is one of the things i like most of the game in fact. Even some free-to-play games have some parts that obviously ask the player for money, and then there are games like SWToR that beg for money with their whole beings. Warframe not so much. You can get almost everything free, that is without pay with real money, just by trading. That "DE doesn't want our money it seems." is just one more of the several reasons i love this game :D
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