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  1. Wanted to know if you are planning to add more infested kitguns. Two is a little lacking. Also wanted to know if for when the infested railjack comes out, and yes you will need to add infested enemies to railjack, you will add some variant of infested weapons as rewards. I was kinda expecting Hirudo Prime with Nidus Prime, but i can wait. For a last thing a something that done would be a long project. Have you considered making genderbent skins for warframes? I don't mean just rearrange the bulges, but making a Excaliburia skin, A Volta and Magnet skin. The frames as they could have been have they been of the other gender, fem-exca, fem-volt and male-mag. Thanks for the answers to this and any other, and surely more important, question anyone else may provide. Wanted to ask for far future things so you don't get all spoiler questions. Gonna wait for the stream. Have a good week :D
  2. Not a bad idea, but what if you push it a little more. Kuva Liches drop some kuva when defeated. So what if Sisters drop even one corrupted holokey when defeated? Isn't that much as to be worth grinding them but is more than before and on the final showdown they could drop two per sister. Even with a team of four you would be only getting 8 on the showdown plus some more on the way there. No way to get the whole 40 and grinding an extra weapon per sister :) Thanks for the work and to keep improving it :D
  3. They will give them to anyone that log into the game today :)
  4. Thanks missing that is worse than missing the skins :) Glad you give us another chance :) Don't be afraid... of taking a good rest after today :D
  5. The skin and armor are good, i liked them when i saw them. Missing the presentation was a bad, but i understand. If it surprised you, and surely were expecting a high influx of players it must have be something :) Thanks for the TennoCon, the reveals and the work and dedication you put on this awesome game :D Will wait for the skins when they are available, don't worry and get your deserved rest :) Thanks :D
  6. As Edgeless-Glow said on page 17 the Proxima Neptune matchmaking is broken. It sends players to the sister mission but when the loading is complete it kicks you out of the mission because you don't have a Sister. I tried to do some Void Storm missions but keep sending me to the sister node that i can't access since i don't have one. That should be checked before sending the player there. Here is what Edgeless-Glow said and is quite complete about he bug: TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: 'Join any crew' matchmaking option in Neptune Proxima tries to add you to Sister groups when you have no active Sister/Sister final stage and then kicks you with a message after loading. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use join any on Neptune Proxima EXPECTED RESULT: Assigned/attempt to join to normal mission squad or message saying no sessions available launch in own railjack. OBSERVED RESULT: Mission loading screen, session loads, then message: "Unable to join mission, you must have an active Sister of Parvos who has fled to Neptune Proxima." Mission Failed screen. REPRODUCTION RATE: Most of the time.
  7. Did you check Proxima Neptune? When you got the right sequence the Sister escape to a especial node there and you need to go fight her :)
  8. It would be possible to fix the Proxima Neptune matchmaking so that it ignores the Sisters if you don't have one? Today i wanted to do some Void Storms there and each and every time when the mission finished loading i got the message: "You don't have a sister that have escaped to Proxima Neptune" before it kicked me back to the orbiter. That small conditions should be checked before selection the mission it send you. Other wise the Join Any Crew on Neptune and Saturn will not work :( Thanks in advance and see you next Saturday. Looking forward to Tennocon :D
  9. Lavos's laugh :P Heal yourself... and only yourself? Allies still got energy but no health? Interesting, a Renewal that gives energy for companions instead of healing. Hope that it allows to do that even after a complete healing even :) Okay, this one do is way too good :D The invigoration system sounds good. A weekly arbitration like bonus for Warframes could make people use some of them. Good idea :D
  10. Yeah, you are right. Still sometimes dying to get your sentinel back is tiresome. Try to pull that with Inaros or Nidus :P I was asking yous to be sure :)
  11. This one is quite interesting. So even if a sentinel died or expended all the charges from Prime Regen it can still be wrought back. That is good. Yet makes me wonder how the interaction will be with Prime Regen. As in on insurrecto it gets another three charges or not :)
  12. This is glorious: Requiem Ultimatum (a new item to taunt a Lich or Sister into battle)! Yes, please, yes :D
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