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  1. Revisiting this topic with a quick note. Even a warframe with a mechanic that takes advantage of cover would be neat. Allowing the warframe to press itself against cover and lean around the corner to shoot with a bonus to accuracy or armor. That sort of thing.
  2. Passive: Stay Low. The warframe slowly gains a layer of extra armor while touching the ground up to a certain point. The armor regenerates a few seconds after damage is taken. If the warframe bullet jumps the extra armor is lost. First Ability: Specialist Ammunition. Change the elemental damage type of your current ranged weapon to a specific type using a selection wheel. The effect ends when the weapon is reloaded. Second Ability: Tactical Barricade. The Warframe throws down a destructible barricade similar to a Grineer Blunt. The barricade curves to cover three angles of attack and
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