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  1. My arsenal does not work, it says "Arsenal Offline Segment Required" Below is a link to a video on YouTube by another fellow player with the same glitch, I have tried un-installing and re-installing the game, and have had no success. I have also tried reloading the game. I have finished the Vors Prize Quest, so I have the Foundry and the Mods Station, and have built the arsenal (but there are no lights on) .There is nothing else I can think of to try and fix this, I have pictures, but this video shows the problem pretty well. I understand from other players that this glitch has been around since the games launch, and has not been fixed since. I just want this to be fixed so I can progress with the game. https://youtu.be/lAv5kn93wFQ
  2. *ARSENAL OFFLINE SEGMENT REQUIRED* I still have the issue where my arsenal does not work in my orbiter. I found out I can use the arsenal in the clan dojo, BUT, it still doesnt allow me to progress with any missions. I have pictures from a couple weeks ago, Message me on discord @GetRektSkrubb#8098 If you would like to see what Im talking about. And yes, Ive tried moving the game from extended storage to the ps4 storage, and Ive tried un-installing the game and re-installing and neither of those options worked.
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