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  1. I have the same problem but found a way around it. Every time you want to change something on your warframe/weapon, you have to use the arsenal in a clan dojo(any clan). And yes it can get annoying. But quest wise, get someone to "taxi" you to Fortuna so you can do the Vox Solaris quest and unlock Orb Valis. Doing that will also unlock the mission before Fortuna and you can go from there. Thats how I got around it, and I am now MR6 and have all planets up to Neptune, with my next quest being The Second Dream. Feel free to message me on psn if you need any help in game.🙂
  2. My arsenal does not work, it says "Arsenal Offline Segment Required" Below is a link to a video on YouTube by another fellow player with the same glitch, I have tried un-installing and re-installing the game, and have had no success. I have also tried reloading the game. I have finished the Vors Prize Quest, so I have the Foundry and the Mods Station, and have built the arsenal (but there are no lights on) .There is nothing else I can think of to try and fix this, I have pictures, but this video shows the problem pretty well. I understand from other players that this glitch has been around since the games launch, and has not been fixed since. I just want this to be fixed so I can progress with the game. https://youtu.be/lAv5kn93wFQ
  3. *ARSENAL OFFLINE SEGMENT REQUIRED* I still have the issue where my arsenal does not work in my orbiter. I found out I can use the arsenal in the clan dojo, BUT, it still doesnt allow me to progress with any missions. I have pictures from a couple weeks ago, Message me on discord @GetRektSkrubb#8098 If you would like to see what Im talking about. And yes, Ive tried moving the game from extended storage to the ps4 storage, and Ive tried un-installing the game and re-installing and neither of those options worked.
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