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  1. This is real nice, yo. Just a suggestion, you should change the names, if you haven't considered.
  2. Ooooh i love this. The bit I'm most worried about though, is is there a cap for how much scrap you have? If not, there shouldn't be a cap for armor, but it should have a half-life up until their 1.
  3. As a frequent player of oberon. The amount you heal should be counted towards the revive that the next *anything* that gets downed. His 3 should also not slow the bleed-out timer, to compensate.
  4. The 4 should be scaled with the 2 and multiplied by the 1. I think the 3 should go out as healing energy and, as well.
  5. I feel like those support charges (that no one uses) could do that, maybe back into enemy systems. I also think that the while only have the bases to land at. So, for instance, if you want to do a mission, it's a better idea to take a base and reduce corpus activity in the area.
  6. The weapon is very nice (maybe a little overboard with status), but I'm more interested in how the rooms are made and how they come into play, if, say, one of your teammates is unable to get inside the rooms made. Since it doesn't take into consideration the pits and vastness of the tilesets, what would happen if you casted their 2 in a room that had a level below the floor, such as one in the Ceres tileset, or kuva fortress?
  7. Since she is probably going to be used for that, I'd like to know if you are thinking of adding mobility speed to one of the asylums. The health one. Would it be perhaps a good idea do add those bonuses as a once-you-leave-the-area and you get a timer for the bonus essentially. Or maybe the faster she's going (likes rhino's 1) multiplies the damage with that bonus.
  8. I would like to see the numbers you come up with as well. Though, what would be the most fun aspect of Aradia?
  9. I haven't read it but the picture was made by a guy called Shane Walters on Art Station.
  10. This is actually pretty good. A thing though, the exalted weapon is it's signature? What bennifitt would the Support-Mech get?
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