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  1. me too bro, it's literally the first time i want to get a full warframe package and it bug in the store. Lucky as f
  2. in fact I sent it yes haha I just hope it doesn't take too long, from what I understand in some places it is already available less in North America But we can wait as long as they don't postpone it to a more distant date
  3. Its truly is,the desenvolver even respond to that but good Lucky
  4. Only on the 29th? But thank you for your attention, it's good to know that developers care about fans
  5. thanks for the attention since neither the developers are responding to me and nothing yet just the Trinity pack. I hope they fix it today because the only time I decide to buy something happens
  6. can fix this soon? I have been wanting to buy the Nova prime package since 2 pm and nothing , I’m already starting to get frustrated waiting so long for something that’s already gone everywhere
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