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  1. Nice, thanks for the explanation! Makes sense :)
  2. So, when you subsume a warframe, it kicks you back to your Arsenal. For the longest time I was baffled why it defaulted to my Ember Prime when this happens; obviously she doesn't come first alphabetically, and she is not my most used frame (third most used). I think I figured it out though: She was my first primed frame and I've long ago gotten the prime version of all the regular warframes I had before I got her, so I think it defaults to the frame you've had the longest. Can anyone else confirm? Which frame does it default to when you subsume a warframe?
  3. This isn't directly related to the liches/sisters, but there isn't a better thread for it: Will you folks upload the keyart to the fansite kit please? I like having the most recent keyart on my stream overlay's background when the game isn't active :)
  4. (Reposting because I didn't notice the temp forum for Parvos bugs, my bad) TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Vanquishing Kuva Lich in Saturn Proxima node softlocks the mission REPRODUCTION: Track Kuva Lich down to Saturn Proxima and down them; Choose "Vanquish" EXPECTED RESULT: After Vanquishing, mission objective should be "return to railjack" OBSERVED RESULT: After Vanquishing, mission objective does not update and cannot be completed. REPRO RATE: I tried 3 separate times with the same result! This still happened after the recent hotfix claiming to fix the bug happening with "custom animations"; I was using regular Khora with one of her deluxe animations if that matters
  5. Long story short, tracked my lich down to the railjack encounter, downed him and had the option to Vanquish or Convert; I chose Vanquish, it does the thing and he disintegrates, and then the mission just hangs there with "Exterminate the Target." This was the first time, and I went to go try it again a second time and the hotfix that supposedly fixed it rolled out while I was doing it, and this time he just disintegrated when I mercy killed him without any choice to Vanquish or Convert. Annoyed, I logged out and got the update and tried one more time, and had the same problem as the first time; after choosing Vanquish he disintegrates and the mission hangs with no way to progress again. I'd really love to get me a Sister of Parvos to start getting those juicy new weapons but I guess I have to wait until this is fixed :( (I didn't notice the thing for the Temporary forum for the update, my bad)
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