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  1. Yeah, I did. That's what made me think it's a bug, since all the fodder enemies were killed during the first phase. Maybe it doesn't count kills and kill assists with Equinox's duality augment? I've noticed that kills with the duality clone also don't count towards nightwave kill counts. I beat it this morning using an eidolon hunting Volt build, so at least I didn't have to deal with the issue for long.
  2. I've been trying to solo the steel path Ropalolyst, but each time I try it slaps me with a mission failure imminent approx 15 minutes into the boss fight. The boss fight drags on because of the amount of time it takes to whittle down the shields (for context, I have a decent amp - not the best, but not anything to sneeze at either) and I get the mission failure imminent, regardless of whether I kill the smaller enemies in the fight prior to this. This essentially makes the fight unbeatable on my own, even though I would be able to take it out pretty easily if it weren't for the mission fa
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