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  1. So far I love the feel and idea of the powerful Necramechs! But I'd like to share a personal issue I've found with them. Which is the recharge mechanic instead of reloading for ammo. (I'm not a native English Speaker) I've found that Archguns equipped on a Necramech in my opinion feel limited, due to them recharging like when they're used with Archwings. The nature of how recharge works makes me feel as if I am being punished for using the weapon. Even more so when using rapid-fire Archguns. I've spent more of my time keeping track of my ammo rather than actually using the weapon. Es
  2. They removed this function a while ago. The acquisition of mech parts from piloted and destroyed Necramechs.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: An Archgun equipped on Necramech's always reload at a ludicrously slow pace. EXPECTED RESULT: I'd originally assumed that rapid fire Archgun's such as the Phaedra or Imperator. Would reload at a rate consistent with the idea that they expend ammo at a rapid rate. Like say two second pause from firing the weapon to begin the reload. And at most three to four seconds to reload a mag in it's entirety. OBSERVED RESULT: Though from my testing with the Phaedra it seems to nearly take a whole second just to reload five rounds. With a base mag size of 250
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Equipping an Archgun for your Necramech won't allow it to retain affinity. Unless the Archgun is also equipped for your Archwing. EXPECTED RESULT: Earning Affinity towards a Archgun on a Necramech. Should grant it levels whether or not it's equipped to the Archwing. OBSERVED RESULT: Archgun needs to be equipped on both the Archwing and Necramech to retain Affinity earned in missions. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% (5/5 Attempts)
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Necramechs seem to loose levels whenever you summon them multiple times in a mission. With the Necramech summon item, for example should I resummon my mech so I can walk past a tight doorway. The Level 3 mech will go down to Level 2. Loosing the Stormshroud ability, which makes leveling the Mech very frustrating. EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to summon a Level 3 Voidrig Necramech with both the Stormshroud and Necraweb abilities. OBSERVED RESULT: I summon a Level 2 Voidrig Necramech which lacks the Stormshroud ability. REPRODUCTION RATE: 3
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After accessing the menu to customize my Necramech. When proceeding to mod the Necramech, and then subsequently leaving the menu. The game will always crash. Leading me to have to restart my computer. Specifically on leaving the mod menu for the Necramech, I've also noticed extreme framedrops when trying to access the actual Arsenal. EXPECTED RESULT: Access to the actual mod menu, and when leaving mods placed onto my mech should stay. OBSERVED RESULT: Game crashes whenever I try to leave the mod menu. Also deleting all my saves customization, from
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cutting up Vitreospina fish doesn't grant any Spinal Core Sections. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Cutting up Vitreospina fish will not reward the player with Spinal Core sections. EXPECTED RESULT: A screen showing the rewards I would obtain from cutting up these fish showed I would receive a single Spinal Core section. OBSERVED RESULT: I had a Spinal Core Section obtained beforehand and did not receive a Spinal Core Section from cutting up my Vitreospina fish. If the cutting was successful I would have had 2 Spinal Core Sections in my inventor
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