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  1. far enough, and if that's the case, i'll have to disagree with the list in general
  2. i think he's just making a sorting list, not really ranking them. and Chroma does supply teammates with Addtional Armor/HP (or two lesser used elements i would believe) with Ward + augment for extended duration/personal buff, as well as his ult stunning and CCing/Dummy tank (which i still dont really use....). Although those points are, what i assume, entirely disregarded in general for just his vex armor + low range (for a solo 500-1000% damage/ armor buff) Regardless, this list doesn't really serve a point, as no one gives a clue or the time of day and play however they want to play. No real point in trying to stuff frames into "Niche" classes when they can do all balance roles if the player even want to outfit them like that.
  3. LoveNot


    does it really matter if no one even like K-drives, hell already max standing + all kdrives + mods + forma that dam thing to even fit mods. Races didnt even give that much stand when i was leveling my stuff up. Didn't even know where the races were nor cared to look them up due to the fact that they SWAP daily or something. K-Drive really has a lack luster of QOL with it. If i come off as rude atm. im just salty at the state Kdrive "GRIND" was in when i even bother'd starting it (After they apparently nerf affinity gain to obilvion making even pointlessly longer for no QOL, a Hobbist side content that involve extreme tedium of grinding for no reason and left to die.) Also wouldnt mind if Kdrive died permanently. :Salt:
  4. LoveNot


    its basically, Grind -> jump tricks -> land into grind -> jump tricks, repeat. find a nice place to have a grind landing (like fortuna back yard pipes)
  5. tsk the opposite for me, i use to like TC because it was somewhat fluid and predictable, now it's a bit rearrange to stage by stage attack animations that doesn't fit well for me. tried DJ and i find it more appealing with it's rearrange combos.
  6. its 8^3 which is around 2k possible combinations granted once you hit 1/2 spots it goes down to 64 or less
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