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  1. I meant it as that i dont have to waste standing om contagion during plague star😅 I cam just get more contagion to sell from naberus and fully focus on forma rn
  2. Pog if nights of naberus returns I can farm extra contagion there! So hopefully I can pick up some more forma👀
  3. Clan name: Oath of Blood Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: Nintendo switch Clan role: Warlord posting an imgur link aswell just to be sure : https://imgur.com/gallery/DFW5fgM (since picture links were acting up)
  4. @[DE]Rebecca sorry to contact on the forums like this for a small problem but couldnt realy think of any other way to get this one through. there is a small problem with the new sister ephemeras (specifically toxin and heat) dont know about the others yet because i dont have them. the problem in question is that the ephemeras are realy hard to see while playing even with pretty bright energy colours.(added 2 pictures for reference) so if possible could there be a change to make these ephemeras easier to see with any energy color? it would be a shame if people didnt use them just because they cant see them. (also dont rly know if its just a switch thing hence why i put it in bigs) Kind regards Argen
  5. if they realy wanted not too easy not to hard junctions would be a great option lol cuz you get them while progressing
  6. so i have a question, seeing that you looked at the feed back what about the helminth system and extra ranks. are you realy not gonna do anything for the players that already subsumed extra frames past rank 10? is this gonna be in the shops or as rotation rewards? (kinda also want to know before i get shafted again farming beforehand like i did with steel essence) and if possible also the prices if its in the shop? when the new update drops i would rather want to be fighting queen pins than farming arbis T_T
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