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  1. Yeah totally agree it would be unfair to straight up double it. Idk about the other platforms but 22.7k is the max leaderboard score here on switch now, having done a 22k run myself i can confidently say that its far from perfect like the top end on pc we didnt do all the aborting for specific rooms and everything else grindy that comes with it. Im currently writing this on day 3 of the event but my guess would be that by the end the top scores would be somewhere between 24-25k so i would say the best bet is to make a 21-22k run on switch simmilar to 30k score on pc in terms of poi
  2. Its just the spawn difference. You can follow the perfect strategy but still get qa major difference because don't have the crazy sentient spawns like pc. Here if video reference for example: Its a guide with the good strats but us console players simply wont be able to get that much cuz if the spawn limitations
  3. i fully agree with this post, as a switch user myself best i managed so far is 21k and thats with an organized squad aswell. when i compare it to pc runs you can clearly see that they have much more sentient spawns!! so it would be realy helpfull if you guys could scale up the spawns or tone the requirements down per platform.
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