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  1. Yah, sadly, there's nothing i can do either *Sigh* i dont like spending money like That, but i Will rebuy the objects again, thanks anyways
  2. I tried, but they can't do anything about it, neither give me back my money or recovering the account
  3. So, basically, what it says on the title In 2018, I had a good account with some good items, I almost spend more than 100 dollars on it, and I lost it because of inactivity and because that was a Chilean account, and I moved to the USA, and those PS4 accounts (Chilean) don't work on USA. I tried to talk with support about it, I had things that were really expensive and I didn't want to lose all that money I dropped on the game But they said that they can't... So, I wanna know, there is a legitimately way to recover those things? Like, on a trade or something without getting banned or in problems, or talking to a DE because I don't want to make all that money go away? (btw, is the money I gain working on the same university I study) The objects were: Almost 5K plats on the account A full Vanilla (you know, the one that they give you at the start of the game, but without some colors) Colors Pallet A Rhino Prime, Ash Prime, Nekros Prime, Excalibur A Furax Ghost, AKMagnus with Obsidian Skin, a Glaive with Obsidian Skin, a Braton Prime, a Nikana Prime, and a Strun Ghost A Obsidian Azura Syandana, Icarus Syandana, Obsidian Helios with Obsidian Coltek Mask, Jet Wings and Kavat Tail A Kubrow Chesa with a Bruja Armor and a full Genetic-Kit Arklat Fur Pattern A full Armor pack of Arca And that would be, yep, almost all those were bought with my money, and with some trading/farming too If anyone can help me, please, I would be very thankful (And if a DE see this(I don't think so) please, PLEASE, I beg you, make account information merging possible, and retrieve my objects back, I don't wanna get all that money lost on the void :c)
  4. Nope, i can't actually, I'm still no the clan but i can't enter
  5. For some reason, there's a bug in PS4 that deletes your clan key No, I'm not referring to when you leave a clan you lose that clan key, no. So, I leave my PS4 turned on in the night, and it was crafting the clan key, but for some reason, today I checked, and the key was already crafted, I tried to collect it, but it says "Unknown Error" I restarted my game and the clan key was *Gone*, reduced to atoms, not in my inventory, not in the crafting list, and im still on the clan... Help please!
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