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  1. OK after looking at this again I finally think the lesser evil of both sides would be to have 1 of each of a level 80 - 100 Survival Mission for Corpus, Grineer and Infested. that u can access at all times like a regular survival mission. This wouldnt split the playerbase and would be a good start for players that want a more challenging game experience. It would also be good for players as they would have a better place to try out their high-powered warframes. It wouldnt be like elite sanctuary onslaught either as it would be a real match and not a test that restricts your abilities and gives you a time limit.
  2. Good input from everyone so far I think the devs could do it right without splitting up the playerbase they are professionals after all and all feedback is still welcome! keep up the good ideas and feedback! I would really love for the devs to provide more difficulty options with enough thought they might look into it keep being creative people!
  3. Im glad u guys see the power of the warframe. If u guys could change something what would u do? like to make this game more challenging?
  4. If the devs put in difficulty settings for the game as opposed to just ppl going through levels u would see a difference as the AI could match your power. Game designers have been doing this since games were invented. im not shooting u down im just saying difficulty settings arent out of the question for a game like this, it doesnt have to stay a cheap boring level system. devs have redesigned things in this game before, level system could use it. or difficulty settings could be added that u can apply before going into a level , sort of like how u can choose which region u are playing the game in to determine which players in the world u are playing with depending on time zone, etc. this would be no different and the game could use it given how easy this game is since u can attain so much power with a warframe. Here i'll give an example of a game of left 4 dead 2 modification i made. basically it makes l4d2 campaign / coop more fun and engaging. Basically i upped the difficulty of the game by making the Artificial Intelligence of the Campaign A.I. to be more responsive and faster to be better tailored toward experienced First Person Shooter Players. So with that good challenges are able to be met in L4D2 on all difficulties (we were playing this 1 on advanced). My point is if the devs of this game gave difficulty settings in this game where it can make the A.I more responsive / aggressive / fire more rounds / etc. instead of just health / damage scaling you would see the challenge come back even for fully maxed out warframes. example it could work like this normal setting, what we have now. advanced setting, all enemies scaled to your warframes power level and A.I. is more responsive and aggressive like what u see in that l4d2 modification video. also here is the mod if u play left 4 dead 2 and run a server and wanted to try it out yourself https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=314630
  5. OK I see where you are coming from but the devs should still implement a new difficulty system or revamp it like how they did with this game overtime as a whole. would be better than leaving it how it is, cause as it is, as a fps gamer for over 19 years this game is pretty easy and could use a difficulty system or a revamp of the games said difficulty as a whole. in other words, i respect your point of view and your opinion and insight but still wish the devs eventually investigate making this game more challenging somewhere down the line either through a difficulty system where u can select difficulties to determine enemy strength as opposed to a level system that just scales around as u go around the star system. like i said if they just revamp the level/difficulty system like how they did the star chart and other various things in this game over time that would work too. thank you for your constructive input and feedback.
  6. There is the Recruiting Channel in the chat channels of the game. So if you want more players to join you on your missions u can recruit people there. Also if there is more gamemodes besides Sortie and elite sanctuary onslaught for high level of play, please let me know, i really enjoy playing maxed level warframes and high level content is my preferred playstyle. Too be honest there really isn't enough. Ive been playing this game off and on since 2014 when my friends from Left 4 Dead introduced me into the game. As far as I can tell, the only high level content in the game is Sorties, and elite sanctuary onslaught and this 1 other thing I heard of that I dont have access to is from having everything on the map completed to unlock it. Once again having various difficulty levels that go from 50 - 60 80 - 100 would IMPROVE the game not be detrimental to the game, as it increases the Skill Factor of the game and increased skill required makes the game more fun for some people, as the whole point of this game is killing stuff and having fun, so this would help indeed. Also there was some other guy that said having enemies 1000+ levels higher wouldnt make a difference that the game would still be easy, not true. A level 100+ orokin rocket launcher grineer can kill u in 1 - 2 shots at Mot if u play long enough (sorry forgot the name) I died 2 times there on my 50 minute run as Mesa Prime on public but alone the whole time, 1 from those nightwave assassins cause they can do some massive damage if u arent ready for them, 2 from the rocket launcher orokin grineer, i was 1 shotted but managed to adapt and get him and the rest of them. All without using any umbras, which even further stretches the end-game of this game, which like i said, means they need to have more high level options for increased replayabiltiy and fun-factor. this game is fun if u know what u are doing. Also, its not this game is easy, its kind of like dynasty warriors 3 / dynasty warriors 3 xtreme legends, but with no Very Hard mode. it just needs more modes of difficult play since its an MMO style game, i dont know about u guys but im tired of easy MMOs they are so big and offer so much, but sometimes they are just too damn easy, the AI is there, there just needs to be more difficulty scaling options and when it gets right down to it, if you cant find the people for the difficulty you just use recrutiing channel. problem solved. I plan on Umbra'ing my Mesa Prime next with Umbra Intensify and Umbra Vitality, since i have so much fun playing her, she reminds me of Nisha Kadam from Borderlands Pre Sequel and Borderlands 2 who is pretty badass like mesa prime. Nisha from Borderlands Pre Sequel has a move similar to mesa's peacemaker skill called Showdown which allows u to gundown enemies similar to peacemaker, its not cheap or easy mode, its just fun game design, its designed to be fun and to test your limits to see how much you can handle no matter what the computer throws at you. Pix of my Mot Run and Mesa Prime so u can see this game just needs more difficulty options. Mot Run https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882915066 more stats https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882916894 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882916912 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882916922 Mesa Prime Build: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882921960 Mesa Prime Weapons / Gear and Focus School: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882921982 id pay for it too. i sunk tons of cash into this game, would hate for the devs to overlook difficulty settings cause they do improve the longevity and replayabiltiy and fun factor of a game for Beginners, Intermediate, and Professionals. a straight up level system is ok but it needs more and frankly, they are only really seen in MMOs and are quite flawed as a whole if they dont scale with player level either up or down depending on the difficulty level of the enemy. like how they have platinum purchases in the game, example they have bronze, silver, and gold level purchases, they just need difficulty options for the game like that, then u can just use recruiting channel to get some buddies and then roll with them for a hour or 2 through the gold level of difficulty for example, and it could be 80 - 100 enemies, anywhere on the solar map, i dont care if it costs plat to unlock and u can grab ppl for the ride from recruiting this is needed for the longevity of the game and would make the devs more money in the long run if they do this. thank you for your time.
  7. I personally have fun playing highly leveled warframes. Playing against level 80 - 100 enemies on more maps like say a survival map would be a grace of god if the developers did this for me. There are plenty of players in the game that like playing their high leveled warframes and the game just needs more high level content like sorties to accomodate this and the elite onslaught sanctuary. To better scale the balance of the fun factor of this game. I personally like killing stuff so this game suits me well having an option to increase the levels of the mobs on planets for more difficulty would alleviate the fact this game can get really easy when u put enough time and effort into it. It just needs better difficulty scaling as u hit peak with your warframes, weapons, and gear. I understand not everyone enjoys a warframe from 1 person to the next we all have our personal opinions and if these difficulty levels were implemented, you wouldnt have to partake in them as increasing the difficulty of the enemies would be optional i appreciate the feedback nonetheless.
  8. How about, after you clear planets u can have an difficulty option to go through them again but with higher level enemies? Example clear it once u unlock advanced difficulty bringing all enemies to level 50 - 60 when u select that difficulty, clear it again at that level u unlock expert difficulty bringing all enemies to level 80 - 100. Thoughts? Also, if the developers cant think of a better idea how about just a straight up difficulty option for fun for enemies across the whole solar system to be at levels 50 - 60, 80 - 100 like the sortie missions. u could call it advanced, expert levels for example. Just for fun. Cause ive got highly leveled trinity prime, mesa prime, saryn prime, gauss, and im sure other players have highly skilled warframes that are well built that can easily beat most of the content in this game that would love to always play at challenging levels. ive been playing since 2014 off and on. This game is pretty solid, sunk tons of cash into it because its alot of fun and will continue to do so, especially if they put in difficulty levels like the sortie to make the game more fun for experienced players that like playing with maxed out warframes. Game just needs more content to accomodate the maxed warframe builds. you could give the increased difficulty levels more loot drop to add to the fun as well. Thoughts?
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