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  1. please community give feedback for buffing companion damage in steel path. so the developers can fix the issue like the arsenal divide for sisters of parvos, which is good. please stop trolling in this thread. thank you. personally they should start with giving companions better mods like MOA the link mods for sentinels and for beasts a weapon slot. thats a good start. so u can better balance damage and defense. for sentinels and beasts. perfect start. hopefully devs get around to that like the damage issue on primary and secondary weapons in steel path. peace.
  2. Also, if people cant post a pro-build up of their kubrow / kavat killing in steel path against corpus specifically and grineer second heres a 2 hour video of me doing that as Saryn Prime (HOT)!!! for 2 hours, Steel Path Survival!
  3. OK then stop trolling this thread this is a serious issue, now back on topic. BEAST (KUBROW AND KAVAT) Damage is non-existant in Steel Path against Corpus they dont do any damage to their shield grineer takes damage but Corpus? NO even with toxin. u would need a ridiculous amount like Saryn Prime amount for a beast (Kubrow / Kavat) to do damage to corpus in steel path BECAUSE THEIR SHIELD COMPLETELY NEGATES BEAST (KUBROW / KAVAT) DAMAGE. people that say otherwise SCREENSHOT YOUR BUILD OR YOU DONT HAVE CREDIBILITY!!! THANK YOU! <3
  4. and for the people that said its a balance issue, if devs think it will be they can make it a card to sprint+aim like how vitality for a health bonus, it could be a card to enable sprint+aim at the same time. would be fun. thanks for the feedback so far.
  5. fair u said u like to play slower - that is ok some people like to go a little slower thats fine. but i mean they need to put this in big time. so people that like speed can give it a shot, cause this game definitely has the parkour to do it, thats for sure.
  6. Screenshot your build please. so this can be way easier, PLZ <3. i have tried venom teeth but i cant get status that high i looked around for more cards. not that im inexperienced, im pretty pro at steel path survival done 2 hours using vazarin solo as Saryn Prime and no it wasnt the typical miasma spam everyone likes to bring up about her. i formad her atleast 20 times to be able to do that. my MOA is pro its just i wanted to upgrade my beasts so please screenshot your Kubrow and Kavat build please so this is easier to try out. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! <3
  7. Yes, to be precise, i want to be able to sprint and aim at the same time instead of moving at a Modern Battlefield game from Electronic Arts pace (No Offense).
  8. you know how u can do all these fancy moves with parkour like aim-glide then headshot some guy exactly how that ghost operative from starcraft picture dictates? yes thats perfect for this game. they just need to add in Aim-Run like Aim-Glide. Currently when u aim u can only walk. what im saying u need to be able to run and aim at the same time.
  9. How about it? what does the community think? also, positive ideas and constructive feedback for improving it if u have any. I noticed this would be good when i soloed survival steel path grineer selkie node sedna for 60 minutes. with the argonak. would be fun as hell. please no one shoot this down its for fun. 1. this would make a lot of sense given this game is ninja-centric and has a lot of movement / parkour skill sets. 2. this would add to that and make gun play more fun instead of just standing around aiming all the time like battlefield. it should be more like futuristic ninja / recon / assassin like Global Agenda from 2010 or Half-Life Deathmatch from 1998 where u can run and shoot. in this case look up the recon classes from futuristic games that have this - warframe has it they just need to add it to guns while aiming, they have it for everything else in this game. they just need it with Guns + Aim = Profit. with sisters of parvos on the horizon with the arsenal divide it shows me the devs care and dont let a game rot. this would benefit the health of the game as a whole as the current gun play is old and slow like as if u just start the game your parkour with it doesnt increase as its battlefield - centric not futuristic-ninja centric. as when u aim u walk this is different when u jump and parkour as u can aim-glide. something like this is needed for aiming while running instead of it just being an Aim-Walk there needs to be an Aim-Run like Aim-Glide. experienced players of FPS and Veterans of this game have mastered their parkour adding more parkour to gun play like this would be perfect for them. 3. would make guns more effective like melee, as u can see melee has movement bonuses like this because it goes hand & hand. give it to ranged weapons as well. run and shoot is good. so Sprint + Aim = Good. 4. this is good for the Recon / Futuristic Assassin / Snipers out there. 5. Perfect for Elite Snipers like Nova or people who like Sniper Rifles / Auto Snipers. plenty of them in this game they just need the Ghost moveset Nova from StarCraft II - a Ghost Operative - Basically a Futuristic Ninja / Recon Soldier / Military Stealth Unit. This moveset would be perfect for players who like moving fast and shooting on the move like Half-Life Deathmatch & Global Agenda 2010 Game. Global Agenda had a Recon class with a move speed buff called Bionics, was bad azz as hell with sniping, basically it was like all the parkour u can do in warframe only u can aim and do it and not slow down. it was epic. Thoughts?
  10. people with pro beasts (kavat, kubrow) that say they 1-swipe in steel path post your build please! <3
  11. Screenshot your build please. I swear to god my beast companions dont do crap in steel path - i can get them to 3 - 4k health easily in steel path but the damage isnt there against corpus because of their shield. in other words, the beast companions dont do anything to their shield.
  12. they need a weapon slot like the MOA companions. currently they do pretty much no damage in steel path, damage in steel path needs to be buffed all-around for all companions. please community give feedback for buffing companion damage in steel path. so the developers can fix the issue like the arsenal divide for sisters of parvos, which is good. currently companion damage, namely beast damage, doesnt do squat in steel path. best thing i noticed for steel path, namely survival in it. would be using a MOA companion with 100% status chance with radiation + viral status damage on an AOE gun. so all the enemies start shooting each other, very handy in steel path. the weapon i use to achieve this is the helstrum from venus. u can get it when u have enough standing i think u need max rank with the corpus from venus and buy it from 1 of their vendors there. forgot the names sorry but i got it and its really good then equip prime firestorm on it with status + elemental mods the gold ones, also, speed mods like vile acceleration so the AOE can get around. and the status should be at 100% with 4 of them. with that there is a lot of chaos in steel path and i was even able to use a primary weapon, the argonak. and solo in there for 1hour50 minutes before i had to bail cause i had 0 lives left.
  13. Honestly, you should have Galvanized mods available in both Steel Path Honours and Arbritration honours to keep everyone happy. also steel path is the whole star chart it makes more sense for more accessibility when looked at it from there and for arbitration so u can get the damage boost before u enter steel path. so u should have them in both its a win win situation for accessibility.
  14. Just saw they changed galvanized mods from steel path honours to arbitration - they should just have them acquireable in both areas so everyone is happy.
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