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  1. which mods allow the recharge delay to be one second? i will try brief respite though thank you. seriously when u get time tell me the recharge delay mods to get it to be 1 second because its a real *@##$ on steel path sometimes. sometimes i get 1 hour with zenurik on steel path survival missions and ive done it twice 2 hours vazarin. thanks!
  2. With how many cards there are in this game. I wouldnt be surprised if that is added eventually. It has my Vote. Thanks for telling me. Peace.
  3. Is there a card to reduce a depleted shields downtime? I know there are cards that increase shield recharge speed and shield capacity. But is there a card that reduces shield downtime? Example: when shields are attacked and hit 0 it can take like 5 seconds for them to start recharging again without being attacked. Is there a card that reduces this time? Thank you.
  4. nope, its constructrive, please constructive comments only - dont troll this thread its perfectly valid for DE to enhance like the addition of steel path itself as a whole thank you.
  5. OK, I get it - Add +100% Credit Bonus to all that in the first post of this thread. in addition to it being there on completion not just completion alone. because i saw a few people say the rewards arent good enough in steel path. it has 100% resource drop chance and 100% mod drop chance. THEY NEED TO ADD +100% CREDIT BONUS in Steel Path along with steel path Void Fissure, kuva, Syndicate, Arbitration, Invasions, + all those other modes up there in the 'events' section that i didnt list. GG thanks for the constructive feedback thus far!
  6. yea! i personally like playing with guns and testing and trying new guns and playing for fun since i maxed out my favorite warframes , etc. and, with the current balance gunplay can make u lose capsule air really fast unless u focus melee and use that since they are more balanced than guns right now in steel path. in other words, the devs for this game need to make a pass on survival missions like how they did for the game as a whole by adding ( + ) Steel Path which revitalized the game as a whole. in other words doing subtraction in a game design sense isnt productive, if u guys s
  7. yeah like a fun mode to do with friends because there is not enough replayable content that is remotely challenging in the game. in this case if people dont like the mode they can just toggle it off like steel path where as the people that do can toggle it on, i personally would as i play survival ALOT for replayability and fun in steel path with maxed level warframes i have. so yeah thanks for seeing my point in this case i hope the devs consider it as i made a proposal like these before steel path came out for a difficulty mode selection and thankfully they did put in one its cal
  8. yes survival missions without the capsules would be fun as hell they just need to have an option for it like steel path and many hardcore players are good.
  9. Please stop trolling my thread I said this would be an Option to go alongside the regular Survival Missions (XBOX) Hyperion Rexx.
  10. Its often a struggle to keep life support up even by killing every enemy on the map. Im Sorry, but you only have to survive 5 minutes and then u can leave the survival mission. I'll be carving through grineer by the dozen and life support capsules just don't drop. yes thats why i proposed a 'no life support capsule' survival mission variant. so that boring tedious hassle of finding life support capsules wont interfere with killing an army of badguys! <3 Dont know how you think turning life support off would be good for the longevity of the game or forcing missions to f
  11. An option for Survival Missions, like the Steel Path option and Normal path option for the Star Chart. The option would be to turn off the Life Support Capsules on the Mission after you have already cleared it. This would make Survival Missions more fun as a whole and for maxed level Warframes and teams to play on Survival Missions for fun until Death (All revives used up) or until you want to quit. As opposed to the Life Support Capsules always ruining the fun - this way you would have to overcome all the enemies or die trying this would be really fun for this game it should de
  12. I found the problem a long time ago but forgot to tell it was because i had Magnum Force or whatever that Pistol Mod is that reduces accuracy for a tradeoff of damage. basically it would really mess up the peacemaker aim when it got to a small circle.
  13. Stop focusing on content that releases at like max power level of 20 - 35 for a second and put a steel path mode on every old content besides star chart which u get an A+ for after adding in the "Steel Path" difficulty, it was long overdo *clap clap*. Now, add in steel path difficulty for kuva, void fissures, sorties, and every other old content in the game, and new content needs to have the steel path difficulty content as well to so this game stays challenging for experienced players that sunk 1000s of dollars into your game over the years. With that said, <3 keep up
  14. OK bug ive noticed with peacemaker when its fully fired like the fire reticule is smallest as possible and u fire as fast as possible it stops shooting the enemy in the fire reticule because the accuracy then is glitched and misleading with what u see on the screen. Basically you can still hit them but the accuracy is not properly represented with the reticule its misleading and causes her to stop firing unless u center your accuracy somewhere in the reticule and just hope its in its bugged crosshair so she fires, just playtest her and u will see what i mean. I posted a YouTube Video regarding
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