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  1. Hello, As the title suggests, I am looking for a Kuva Nukor, if you've got any just Pm me in game alongside the price, element and percentage. I dont really care about the ephemera so its cool, See you soon tennos !
  2. he is my favorite warframe, i came back after two years break only to find him useless...
  3. what you are talking about his is 3, i meant all his abilities to have different effects based on the element, if your 1st is a fireball or a channeled beam in the fire element, then electricity should give you mobility on his 1st ability like a teleport, while ice element gives a whole different special effect, thats what i meant, and same thing applies to his 4th, maybe make toxine and exalted form like hildryn, and fire stays the same with effigy, while electricity gives huge movement speed and attack speed like gauss, while ice makes you super tanky or make something simiilar to frost's ice globe
  4. not at all, excalibur with hunter's adrenaline and 0% efficiency is enough, unlike mesa, max efficiency + primed flow is mandatory, but they are still playable even with these 3 core mods on, unlike grendel, tbh i grinded him so hard which means I did my best to make him as strong as possible, but nothing worked, no matter how much efficiency, duration, strength, armor... i build, it gives no results, he is always lacking
  5. Usually when you eat food you gain energy, i dont know why it drains instead... they should make it in a way that it becomes costless since the whole kit and warframe is built around his 1st ability, the more you eat the slower you get, enemy are fully consumed if they last for 60seconds or more in grendel’s belly, giving him energy, health and armor, otherwise grendel would always be useless as long as he got this energy drain thing
  6. I believe his abilities has to scale with his elements e.g : 1st ability with fire element, on tap it sends a fire ball exploding on impact, hold to fire some kind of beam, the channel drains energy the more you channel the more damage it deals and the more energy it drains in electric element, quick teleport ice elements aoe blast around chroma ... etc
  7. Hey guys I am having a hard time styling my warframes to look as good as the players i meet in my missions, so could you guys share your most handsome warframes alongside the color’s pattern ? and thaank youuu
  8. Hello guys I would like to ask of you a strong end game excalibur umbra build, alongside the exalted blade and the statstick you are using, I am having a hard time keeping up with the endgame content, dying all time or falling behind in damage especially with those lichs. and thank you !
  9. Loki ? I remember dropping the Loki prime systems when he was just released, and back then I was MR 2 or 3 I dont even recall, I got carried by some friends I met on a twitch stream, they always had a spot for me in endless runs, I dropped two systems and sold one for 400P (Still my highest sale in my carrier), being happy I finaly got the rarest piece of my very first prime frame, I went ahead and farmed loki to enjoy him while my I get my primed one, I am not going to lie, I did enjoy stealthy gameplay back then, but as I lvled up, I realized he was somehow, weak compared to other characters, like armor stripping ash, or CC queen Nova... I had to give up on him but my opinion never changed, he was fun endeed, yet I would love to hear more about him, How does his abilities synergies with one another ? and how is he strong in endgame content ? is there anything special about Loki I am missing ? As far as I know, loki is purely used for memes nowadays, and that's it. I wish DE would improve him and bring him back to his throne, master race loki!
  10. Hello fellow space ninjas ! I've seen a lot of arguments on this forum regarding warframes, some are complaining while others are vouching for their favorite which created a bloody battlefield, so I decided to creat this topic to help you vent some steam here and share your opinions without anyone judging ou or holding you back, so it is quit simple, who is your favorite warframe and what do you have to say about him ? Personnaly, it's gauss, his kit is just insanely strong, a 100% damage reduction, a mega fast dash allowing you great mobility and insane clear speed, CC from his third ability and finaly his redline, which gives an insane attack speed and firing speed allowing for some great scalling, i just hope DE would fixe somehow his passive, i mean, when an object move, it generate energy not drain it, so why are we losing energy when we move or use our first ability ? It's just a personal thought nothing special. Besides him, it was chroma, but recentely i felt like if he was out of meta, so weak to keep up with nezha or revenant, i went on some mission on fortuna where we hunt a giant spider, when i used nezha i survivied easily but when i took my chroma, even with 3 formas and a potato, maxed mods and builds, I just kept dying, so is he out of meta ? On the other hand there is wukong, which i find as the boriest warframe made, even grendel is more fun, and wukong's ultimate is just disgusting, I would rather play with my xoris and enjoy the combos from astral twilight than use this staff. What about you guys ?
  11. Revenant is strong yet not perfect, I believe GearsMatrix is talking about his experience on Xbox which could be way different than us PC users, so this little difference could be the reason of this misunderstanding. I personally believe revenant is overrated, once he gets “Overrun” by enemies then its a GG, because he wouldnt be able to keep up, and even if you suggest using rolling guard, he would be just rolling, 2, 1, 3 then rolling again, he wouldnt be able to kill so much and eventually he would end up running out of energy, its even worst when an eximus leechers pops up, and all those nulifiers, thats why inaros have a major advantages compared to the other warframe, its the natural tankiness. A player said warframe complement the weapons, they play a supportive role while weapons are the main role and focus, I strongly believe it should be the otherway around, but if that’s true, then how is It applying to revenant ? Its true he got some kind of immunity more or less, but if he gets overwhelmed by the number of enemies then I think its over, he is indeed a strong warframe who can keep up with the endgame content, but he is bound to fail at a certain point, which is the scenario of multiple enemies.
  12. Apologies about the late reply, I wrote it on my PC but ended up closing the tab thinking I already answered you ^^” So concerning Nidus, I assure you I did everything right, and it was in mot survival, i went past one hour since endless survivals are my favorite, at a certain point no matter how hard I press 1 knowing I already had 3 active, it dealt low damage, really low damage so best option was grabbing my melee and beating them, additionally, I wasnt using Adaptation I completely fogot to equip it on my Nidus, I was taking heavy damage even with my 3rd ability activated, my best bet was relying on the CC for 2, I escaped death a few times and that thanks to his passive, but once I lost the stacks I died and it was Game over for so I want to the extraction. I heard there was a mod to boost nidus’ abilities giving insane damage, I looked it up on wiki but none of the augments seemed to much the description I got from my teammates, but i wont deny how nidus saved me during Grendel’s mission where I died plenty of timed with other warframes. And about Nezha, I tried adaptation but it didn’t seem to work but now after reading your comment i guess i have a slight idea why, I’ll make sure to replace it with the augment, could you explain it to me how does it work, it gives double damage at the price of the orbs right ?
  13. He is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than what it was ! I actually loved the new nezha, His abilities are quite interactive and goes well with one another, so I guess I just found the warframe I am going to make my main for a while! Besides that, is adaptation good on nezha ? it didnt seem to be working well when I played him earlier. P.S : I know this isnt the place to ask, but when I am at it, is there any Melee weapons, primaries and secondary you guys can suggest, top tier for my endgame grind ? I feel like my soma and tigris prime fell off, including Akstilito, Lex prime, and my galatine prime.
  14. Actually, it was very helpful ! And to make sure I dont have any wrong idea since I am not aware that Nezha got reworked, you've got a halo that spinds around you giving you something like rhino's armor, once it wears out it has to be recast, which means once enemies reach a certain level of damage, there's no way the armor could keep up right ? then there is a buff that gives mov speed alongside a fire trail burning enemies, but since you will be killing them, no one will be left behind to get hurt by the trail, am i correct ? then there is an ability where nezha throws his halo thing to damage enemies and if i reactivate it i get teleported back to it ? i dont see much use of this since the damage isnt that great, plus running is also a convenient option, which leads me to the last ability, spears errupting from the ground, CC'ing all enemies around nezha and if used again, you slam them down, the damage is fixed which means it doesnt scale, once again, its bound to be outscalled, higher level enemies means less damage, thus it is not useless but a weak ability in high end missions. Secondly, I dont have Baruuk but I did my homeworks, his is like valkyrie's where you become a kung fu master, and he's got a shielding ability giving him 90% damage reduction while disabling enemies' weapons, I need to farm this character, however, its an unlimited duration which means I strongly might consider Baruuk, but reading the community's feedback I heard he wasnt that great, probably low tier, but since you mentionned it, i'll make sure to start those bounties and seek him out, if it takes a lot of time I would probably just buy it right away. I am building gauss but the battery mechanic didnt seem appealing, but if doesnt mean i wont try him out, same for Grendel since its kit is "Unique". Trinity, is wonderful ! Indeed ! But without heavy damaging ability (Aoe), its not my thing at all, while Oberon, i do have the warframe but I am clueless about this goat so please don't hesitate to tell more about it. Wisp still needs to be farmed but i'll start soon enough, once i get materials for my Gauss. Yet thank you a lot for your reply ! I feel like Gauss is tempting, i'll check it out myself !
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