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  1. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    What Are You Listening To?

    One of my favourite alboum's by Jo Blankenburg. I listen to him as well as Last Haven, Ivan Torrent, and Bill Bown quite a bit when I'm chilling. Here's the Playlist I listen to.
  2. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    Ps4: Sands of Inaros (18.5.6) Status [LIVE NOW]

    Really glad to see how fast this update has gone. Having played Warframe for several years now (first on PC and now on PS4 for personal enjoyment and for Media purposes) I can say that this update is coming rather quickly for console. Really looking forward to the new Warframe as well as minor fixes and upgrades. Great job DE. Keep up the work. Now I'll sit here and rub my hands together as I patiently await Nekros Prime.
  3. It's 2016 and I'm just now seeing this? Good lord I wish he was in the game. Chroma is the only beastial Warfame and needs a buddy.
  4. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

    Any idea when Frame Rate will become a focus for game stability? The frame rate during Lephantis goes to crap for a buddy of mine and I. We noticed heavy spikes of frame rate during the battle. Also, we've noticed in general, Towers have gotten worse in frame rate issues. This is honestly heart breaking.
  5. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bsbu69LCMAA754j.jpg - Customized Commander Shepard https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BsbvKqzCYAAalsb.jpg - Vauban finished product. Needs work, but hey!
  6. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    Status: Ps4 U13 Info

    I wouldn't say they ignore us. They do what they can. Unfortunately we are harder to work with as WE have OPTED to play on a console versus a PC, which can use the game launcher at any given time to check for content patches and or hotfixes. The issue consoles have is the companies like Sony and Microsoft who want control over the content, which their users get. Some of it is actually to ensure they don't brick or somehow screw up our consoles in general as the code itself is a Linux base. I enjoy the game for what it is.
  7. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    Status: Ps4 U13 Info

    With the update, if you ACTUALLY take time to read the bug report forums, they've squared away a few of the bugs that they can. The issue is, not everyone is having the same problem. When a game is out in the public, bugs can be experienced by different people in different ways. Some of us are not using the default hard drives, while others are. I'd suggest trying to look into the bug report forums and take note on the effort the community is putting forth as well as their dev team. They aren't a big studio like DICE or ID Software. I'd actually have to agree to this. It's been running a lot smoother for me. Only issues I have is Orokin missions. Missing texture files sometimes come up when a lot of stuff is going on. Only started happening after the last hot fix. Voids? Not for me. But Orokin Direlect is another story.... Agreed, Nighthawk_0430 Cheers to you! Glad you are having a good experience! Note: For those wondering. I do not work for DE. I'm just a huge fan of Warframe and DE.
  8. (PS4)RaivynLyken

    New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

    From my favorite character in the game... My first made Warframe, Volt with Karak, Amphis and Kunai. Does PSN upload count? Note that this is also from about the time the game launched on PS4. Kept it for some reason. Now I know why. :D