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  1. It seems to happen when you use the gapcloser (right click + forward + melee) while sprinting sideway (shift + left or right). I have experienced it with the blind justice stance as well, so I don't think it is specific to crushing ruin. (sorry for the quality, turns out youtube was a bad choice)
  2. Any plan for looking at archwings balance ? Amesha is the only viable option, atm 😕
  3. Archwing fells awesome now, good job ! My only complaint would be that the blink is hard to use while "sprinting". Maybe it's a mapping problem on my end, but it seems we don't have archwings key bindings anymore (and have railjack ones instead ?). Rip Line is a mobility skill. In the case of the Itzal, you can use it to gain a lot of speed, so it makes it a good alternative to the blink.
  4. I will talk about what I would like to change, but I like melee 2.T for the most part (better stance combos, back to old slam attacks, heavy attacks, ...). Heavy attacks Yes, I may be a bit of a special case here, but I like them, for they provide a third build choice for weapons such as my beloved Jat Kittag (15%/2x crits; 25% status, mostly impact). I have seen a lot of complaints, though, about them being slow and burning the combo, which is used by Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds. So here is a solution that could make everyone happy : give a 90%ish base combo efficiency to every weapon (eventually having a different one for different weapons/types of weapon). have the heavy attack damage mods (such as Killing Blow) reduce said efficiency, while dealing significantly higher damages. have bonus heavy attack speed on at least one status mod (something like a nightmare mod giving 60% status chance, 60% heavy attack speed), since crits have Amalgam Organ Shatter. That way, crit and status builds could use heavy attacks for some slight benefits at almost no cost, while heavy attack builds would use the combo as a ressource to deal most of their damage. You could also add some hybrid mods later, like bonus crit/status damage on heavy attacks (like Empowered Blades). There is still one thing that annoy me with heavies, which is the alternate fire from guns takes over the heavy attack button, making it impossible to heavy slam attack after an aim glide, for example. Being able to heavy attack directly if the gun doesn't have an alternate fire would be awesome ! Glaives Lots of stuff here, but some may be bugs : Power Throw doesn't trigger explosions anymore. The Quick Return + Power Throw build was pretty fun to use. Maybe add a mod to bring back explosions on impact ? I know that you can trigger it by pressing melee, but it doesn't work once the glaive starts coming back. The orvius special function is very impractical to use, now. While it was working on "blue attacks" when dual wielding, before, you now need to be in melee only mode, to block, and then heavy attack. It also doesn't work while on Ivara's zipline. The self damage is still present. The "auto aim" function of the glaives is also kinda broken, now : They seem to go for the closest enemy (instead of the closest to the cursor). They target corpses (which is a bit problematic when playing with Quick Return). Other Auto parry is still anoying because it makes us aim glide. It doesn't seem to prevent firing anymore, though, which is nice. The dash forward from "Hover Air Combo (Back + Melee while Jumping)" kinda screw me when trying to aim below some obstacle with exodia contagion. The juggling is kinda annoying since it tends to make enemies float outside of our range. Kingdom Hearts had a similar feature where those strikes would launch enemies above. Maybe it would be a cool replacement, coupled with the "hover air combo" ? Aaaand that is all. I think. Maybe. For the moment, at least.
  5. Nice to see the liches getting some love ! The suggestion I would like to make isn't related to them, but to the valence transfert. The valence transfert helps us keep our progression on this or that weapon, which is a problem far older than the kuva weapons. Whenever a new variant of a weapon/warframe/sentinel (prime, wraith, vandal, prisma, ...) arrive in the game, those of us who have invested ressources and time (potatoes, formas, exilus adapter, ...) in this item are given the choice to either ignore the new variant or start from scratch. And if you do reinvest ressources in this item, you end up with a downgraded version in your inventory that you don't know what to do with. Here is my collection (missing a bunch of deleted items) : My suggestion is to allow formas/potatoes/exilus... transfert to the new variant by sacrificing the old item. Edit : That oooor giving base weapons their own riven disposition so they stay relevant, like for kuva weapons.
  6. Alright, finally got one. I did Ceres - Adaro (normal mission, not nightmare or anything), got a flash halfway, and then The guy was looking like a saturn six fugitive. I did a few spy before that, where I also got the flash and the dialogue, but no larvling, so maybe it depends of the mission type or something.
  7. #1929882 Pluto - Cypress (corpus galleon sabotage) - geometry visible through the ground.
  8. This happened to me today, it may be related. The sentinel was gaining affinity without doing anything. It stopped at some point, then started again. https://gyazo.com/8d5aa8fbb6924578c347bd3f4fec6c93 https://gyazo.com/1a87f289493e02bc94c27348589765c1 Here was my build : https://gyazo.com/b13875e746ae4f692f7004b1470ad85b
  9. We are alrady one shoting everything, melee or not. There has to be nerfs, at some point, if we want challenging content.
  10. Well, let's say 20% of the enemy max health. That's a flat 20%, no matter your weapon damage. It will just scale of enemy health, so at higher level, you can basically use a 1 damage weapon. It would make every non scalling or non percent damage useless.
  11. Percent health damage are flat numbers, and create a lot of balance problems (too strong against bosses, too weak against everything else). We already have some with the revenant dash, and he was able to three shot the wolf with it.
  12. It is nice to see the high damage mods looked at, but... ...building around some weapons/warframes to get those one or two extra status is part of the fun, when working on loadouts. The actual formula is the following : Total Damage = Modded Damage × 1.6n It deals so much damage because each status increase the damage multiplier even more (1.6 / 2.56 / 4.1 / 6.55 / 10.5 / ...). We can make this formula better by doing the following : Total Damage = Modded Damage × (1 + 0.6 * n) With this one, values go like this : 1.6 / 2.2 / 2.8 / 3.4 / 4 / ... which is still good while not going overkill. The 0.6 can indeed be changed. We can also make it a normal damage bonus, instead of an "on top of everything else" bonus. Condition overload would then become an alternative to Pressure point. Everything else sounds awesome to me, can't wait to test it !
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