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  1. Agreed with most comments above, isn't this too expensive for how few the package offered? I don't think you can change the price anymore but at least increase the platinum to 1000 imo
  2. When will the re-rerun happen @[DE]Megan ? 2020 is approaching...
  3. I feel trolled tbh...She gave us hope and she messed up again and gave us another "glyph re-run promise" hope...which we don't know whether she will forget again or not...just why? @[DE]Megan P.s Been waiting for 2 hours, in case the twitch drop got delayed, but nah...still...only 2 argons
  4. @[DE]Megan 2 argon crystals + no glyph, idk what to say...and another promise? When will you re-do it again?
  5. I wouldn't mind that, if megan didn't post that "promise". that's why i hope she will clarify now, will it happen or nah? So me and some others will stop/continue expecting it
  6. I've been watching all prime time, devstream, switch, xbox, ps4 and warframe international stream after prime time 258 hoping megan will fulfill her promise in this topic for twitch drop But nah, no glyph re-run yet, no follow up whether it will happen or not happen, just hanging some of us who are expecting this re-run And they give an argon crystal in this prime time.........rather than do a glyph re-run as promised. Just clarify this already, please? @[DE]Megan
  7. DE can you just make ephemera an achievement already, please? There are 7 kuva lich ephemeras along with 7 weapon element bonus for kuva lich weapons Why not make it, lets say for 20 kuva liches with toxin weapon killed will grant you an achievement and give you vengeful toxin ephemera, the same applied with other element and its ephemera pair? Weapon and other aspect on lich as RNG is enough if not too much. So no need for ephemera to be rng too, there is "challenges" on in game profile where you can put kuva lich kill on every element type achievement and reward there, please consider this @[DE]Rebecca What is the point of "in game profile challenges" to exist when ALMOST no one pay attention to it because there is no reward on it
  8. I'll edit my post, i'm not being clear, i mean the bonus element percentage, and yeah element type can be determined without rng
  9. I know you guys at DE really like rng, but kuva liches is the worst ever How many rng layers are this DE? 1. The bonus element percentage is rng even tho the element type is not 2. To get kuva lich with your desired weapon is rng 3. To get kuva lich with your desired ephemera is rng 4. To get the requiem relic is rng from siphon unless flood 5. Even if you get relic from siphon/flood, the desired relic you need is rng 6. Getting mods from the relic is rng 7. Even if you get mods, getting the desired one is rng again 8. To get requiem murmur from 1 mission is rng, sometimes many thralls spawn, sometimes only few spawn 9. To get kuva lich killed is rng, brute force or not Rinse and repeat 9 rng layer ffs for killing and getting reward from a boss, if you choose not to spend plat. How much times you want us to waste just to kill 1 lich, even more so if the lich has something you already have/don't need My suggestions Eliminate/improve some rng layers either on the relic part or weapon/ephemera part, like we won't get same weapon as we currently have that already claimed from foundry unless we own all 13 already or the weapon is not claimed from foundry, same logic applied to ephemera or make the ephemera token based. Make all kuva siphon missions give relic 100%, and flood give additional 50% chance to get second relic so we can get 2 relic from flood. Decrease the amount of thralls need to kill (like most of others have said). Ability to delete unwanted kuva lich which probably will be okay if they implement the kuva lich donation.
  10. Any official statement about it? Since i didn't find any yet https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1122418-thanks-for-watching-prime-time-258/?do=findComment&comment=10984188 PT 258 = my link above, see megan comment, the stream suddenly dead because of technical error and some people who watched not from the start including me or even from the start, didn't get the drop, so megan said they will redo the glyph at another stream PT 259 = Ducat PT 260 = Transmission Palette PT 261 = Ducat PT 262 = Ducat I just hope they won't forget this small promise or doing it unannounced 😖
  11. Happy birthday space mom! Btw when will you guys re-run the tennocon 2019 simaris glyph Twitch drop? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1122418-thanks-for-watching-prime-time-258/?do=findComment&comment=10984188
  12. 1. When will eso drop table revisited? 2. When will you guys reconsider to move arbitration mods/arcane to arbitration shop? 3. Will you guys put kuva and wolf beacon in cred shop offering on the last week of nightwave eps 2? 4. Do you guys, have any plan to add 100x squad energy restore (large) blueprint and the others to the game? 5. According to link below, when will you guys re-run the tennocon 2019 simaris glyph, twitch drop? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1122418-thanks-for-watching-prime-time-258/?do=findComment&comment=10984188 Thanks in advance
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