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  1. Well now the stupid larvalings for the sisters are not spawning or spawning completely invisible haven't had one show up in 3 hours of repeated missions im getting real sick of how poorly this new lack of content is been trying to kill a sister and 90% of the time I can't get the new one to spawn with granum kills at max tier this is some serious failures on part of DE this dlc is a effing joke the dlc for fallout 76 has less problems and it dropped today im sick and tired of being forced to use weapons that are junk to do some content to go use a useless railjack in a trash mission with trash gameplay to do another aspect of new content you take some of the most hated and unplayed parts of your game and hammock the new stuff behind crap we don't want to play ever oh and btw I won't waste my time and ever get yarelli ooh look new frame that's completely useless and you have to play k drive on a open world everyone hates ...go figure
  2. Not receiving the oull mods when awarded got one killing my kuva and a second killing my first sister they are not in my inventory I have one from de for having the active lich at launch and one from transmuting defiled mods now on my second sister the railjack bs keeps crashing the game and I cannot get into the final confrontation mission in a group or solo this is the worst launch I've seen that wasn't bethesda and this honestly is more broken and buggy than the new fallout 76 dlc launch that just started nothing works right rewards aren't showing up in inventory weapons disappearing randomly in missions getting stuck on infinite loading loops you guys really should be ashamed of your quality on release
  3. This has happened to me twice I was awarded one after killing a kuva then just now killing my first sister it did it again oull mod awarded and not in inventory this is bs fallout 76 has better launches and that's not saying a whole lot for this update
  4. It just happened again after killing my first sister oull mod was awarded and not in inventory that's 2 now I've been screwed on I did get one from transmuting 4 defiled so I should have 4 total yet only 2 the lich system is not giving the rewards I will not be doing any more u til u fix this broken bs fallout 76 puts out better updates and that's not saying anything positive about 76
  5. I killed my lich after update and got the new oull parazon mod as an award but it's not here in inventory I received one from de so I should have 2 of them im a little irritated on this overall the update is horrible ps4 crashes in almost every granum void attempt but the oull mod is the biggest problem for me just cause of how good it is the other stuff will get fixed but I want my earned mod from defeating and converting the lich
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