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  1. This is the important question - why would people believe an unknown person on the Internet and don't trust a shady game developer. Guess it's not without reasoning.
  2. At this point I don't think there is a single person working for DE that has a clue about design and uses his/hers brain. -old Archwing was drifting for 1km in any direction -old archwing could blink over entire map (and on top we can place energy pads mid-flight.. terrific) So what do DE do? - Break flight controls -no experimental flight - break any sort of logical flight model and Mass/Acceleration physics - introduce 3sec delay between blinks, making it completely useless. Good job indeed.. and we're speaking of incoming flight combat?!?LoL I guess no skilled person would apply for a job there anytime soon.
  3. Same situation. I'm sick of playing a shopping simulator with timegates and constantly fight with bugs and stupid design decisions. Enough is enough.
  4. Agree with every single word. Terrible decision to push that as almost mandatory content. That is a reason one should not invest money in Betas and MMOs with questionable design concept. Just the idea that everyone that finished "The War Within" is ready to get swamped by that "content" and do sortie-alike missions under time & rng pressure is ridiculous and demonstrates complete lack of video game design knowledge.
  5. Right, that one is indeed clear. I'm mainly using the Arsenal-> WF/Weapon->Equip path, where it still asks me to agree on purchase for Plat and then carefully select that option on next screen.Not sure where my statement was false here to be honest, but that is irrelevant. On the rest - I'm now sure we're playing a different game (not only due to platform difference) so there is no way we understand each other. Nothing wrong with that, we'll be drawing different pictures of same object (under diffent lightning conditions and view angles of course). For ED's sake let's hope I'm a minority and you are correct ;) Have fun and all the best
  6. Where is that new UI? When I want a BP I either go via "Arsenal-Equip- find item for plat-buy-select BP for credits.." of "market-same process......" Is there a third option to find directly BP without having the need to click BUY on a Platinum listed price? Apparently I could find the cash grab options above, but not the one you point to so please help me 😞 On "Pay for a slot and color every 7 days?" - it's simple, as a new player I constantly unlock and grind WFs. That is just by following the main and side quest lines. I have 4 now in Foundry and they need slots.. You can of course argue that one is not supposed to keep all WFs, but at least primes and quest-obtainable are to be kept at all cost, so a new player would have to buy slots regularly until he/she caps the need/WFs/credit card (whatever comes first). 75p for color palettes is even beyond discussion tbh.. Also bear in mind what is the chance for a new player to get platinum on discount. Else we're speaking of full pay2play title price of 50 Euros by first 100h gameplay. Ergo - no free2play from new player's perspective at this stage. On the "5 plat per 7 days gameplay" topic - You have to think from new person's perspective, not having 1000h grind behind. If I go through my Inventory I have lots of stuff that cost 1-3p each and several that cost up to 10-20. But I need those and will be needing them + more as I progress. It's not feasible to expect and claim that new players can easily make Plat in game by several reasons: -they need to collect stuff not get rid of it -they need to know what is the rarity and value of the stuff, before even approaching the Market -they need to spend way more than they get from RNG at that stage (one Prime WF needs a slot and a potato at least, that could easily cost me 1/2 of Inventory currently). -Nightmare is NOT new player's content. Same applies for ESO and so on. The places where good loot drops are not easily accessible at the start and so on. All those are not a problem, just reasons why it's not reasonable to expect new players getting plat easily. I'm not saying it's impossible, terrible, unbearable. I'm just sharing my impressions. No idea why some comments are toxic and mean, I thought the idea of the thread is to give developers feedback to improve the marketing and polish the stuff. I'm here to read/write/play/learn so obviously I haven't thrown away all entirely and I'm looking for workaround of the issues I face.. but I hope devs aren't following the trend here to call new players/customer "ignorant" and "having no clue", very few game studios can afford that nowadays and even they don't get away easily with that..
  7. I'm a new player (mr7) and have quit 2 times already (with more than 1y pause between comebacks). - first time I quit after 1st boss. There was simply no storyline to keep my interest while jumping from point to point for easy run&gun gameplay.. or maybe I just expected something like borderlands, idk. - second time I quit after I saw the in game economy and shop: everything costs incredible amount of platinum and it's overpriced. You have to click "buy" for plat and several pages later carefully select blueprint for ingame credits. Wow, that is illegal shady attempt to trick buyers in most of the countries nowadays. -now I'm playing with friends and have some small amount of plat bought with discount code.. the way I see it, I'll leave when it's over. Why? Well, for me Warframe combines all bad of several f2p business models out there: it's a mixture of mobile cash grab game (pay for slot and color every 7 days), Asian MMO (get 5 plat after 7 days gameplay) and Wargaming product (buy WF for 50€). It might have been a good business practice years ago..
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