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  1. I still haven’t even crafted the first part of my Railjack because every time I think about doing it, I see the stupid amount of resources (AND CREDITS) I need to craft it. Although tbh, I only really want to create my Railjack to get the Tenebrous Ephemera, it is literally the best ephemera in the game right now. Advice/help needed.
  2. So I was on the grind for argon crystals today to build my Mesa Prime and a couple of other weapons that I have sitting around in my Foundry. I run through a few Void missions as Limbo Prime, but don’t get any argon crystals. I then do one last mission (Hepit - Capture, in case you’re wondering) and I get 6 argon crystals! Maybe time for a drop rate fix on argon crystals, DE?
  3. I went on PlayStation Store but none of the prime packs are there? Please help.
  4. Sorry guys, I know I sounded like a beg in the first post, but I was desperate for that syandana and those credits. I didn’t know that you got stuff back if you killed the Kuva Lich, thank you for telling me! Thank you again.
  5. So I complete the gift from the Lotus on Lua (after about a thousand attempts) and expect to receive the syandana as a reward. But, oh no, my Kuva Lich had to steal it. It also stole 20,000 credits too. Please, DE, give me back my syandana and credits that I have worked so hard for.
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