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  1. I have noticed this as well. Died several times to it. Easily reproducible. Jumping straight up in the air and then shooting down as you come down and you'll self-damage.
  2. Hi, Mirage's #1 is still bugged on Ice Fields of Riddah (Grendel defense mission). I see this bug goes back months but has not yet been resolved. When activating #1 a single mirage appears (sorta) and is stationary. It vanishes if you walk away from it only to return when you approach it. Additionally, all other Mirage abilities are unusable during this bug.
  3. Velocitus is missing the multishot checkbox for the Charged, Atomosphere, and Atomosphere charged options. If you have the multishot checkbox checked it will retain that setting for each of the above options. If you have the multishot checkbox unchecked it will also retain that setting for each of the above options. It requires that you switch back to Normal to check/uncheck the box, then go to the option you want. Edit: On Warframe-builder the Velocitus is also missing the Magnetic damage line. Edit #2: When adding the mod Critical Focus, it does not add the damage component
  4. Reporting that the Primed Rubedo Lined Barrel is missing from the Velocitus mod options.
  5. I really dislike the new Mission Complete UI. Who cares what warframes look like in the Mission complete screen? At the very least, have it remember that I have hit "+" to maximize the screen so I don't have to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. And put it back to all being on one page please. There is no reason to separate it out into multiple pages.
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