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  1. Uh...sure. You're absolutely right. That's exactly how Octavia's abilities work. In fact if you just tap the Alt key a few times, nothing happens. You have to specifically think of it as teabagging.
  2. Are you sure? I feel like frustration and confusion are sort of thematic at this point. If it wasn't intensely annoying, would it still be Warframe?
  3. I don't own a PS4, but do at least check your options and see what's available. On PC the most obviously relevant setting is "Effects Intensity" under "Interface." Check if your PS4 has the same or similar. I don't have the game open right now, but there might also be some color mode options aside from that. It's really worth looking through your menus. Maybe not exactly the same, but I get what you're saying. I can offer one suggestion: try Octavia. She can remain invisible the entire time, without interruption. This takes the edge off the visual clutter because it happens further away from you instead of rushing at you. Plus those things don't land on your head. In case you don't have her, note that her prime exists -- a relatively easy farm.
  4. Good job using MS Paint. You might want to read the question. You keep swinging at me and punching yourself instead. If you read the question, that might stop happening. (Anything's possible, I guess.) Focus on the equation in my question. Specifically this number: 0.5 Anyway, I'm not here to bicker and you clearly are. So you keep typing and I'll block you. Everybody wins.
  5. And yet you nailed it. Perfectly. A quick check of my question shows I did exactly that. How can you tell? Because I quoted the wiki. Not only that, I included a link to the same info you linked to try to shame me. No actually it's more of a players attacking players for absolutely no reason situation. But you were close!
  6. And I did. So, to clear it up, I posted a question. Now I understand it. In my view, a perfect outcome on Players Helping Players. Yet you seem discontented. What part of that troubles you?
  7. So it adds 50 to your power strength. Then why not just say that? Why mention "percent?" That's what threw me off. (Not some greedy lust for Ultimate Power as a few suggested.) The ability description is perverse. It should read, "Increases the ability strength of your next cast by 50." Imagine if this were the description: Increases the strength of your next cast by 50% of your unmodded ability strength Is it accurate? Yes. Is it a good way to describe what the ability does? Only if you're a psychopath.
  8. A pretty fun game mode that's harder than normal but not overwhelming. It consists of mission types you already know with two basic differences: 1. Rewards: a) Vitus Essence, which you can exchange for Galvanized Mods These mods were introduced in June. Of the nine, three are bugged. But the remaining six are powerful and nice to have. You'll like them. However, they aren't required for any content in the game, including Steel Path. b) Endo I'd even suggest waiting until you've cleared the star chart to max out your mods because endo becomes easier to get at that point. 2. Game mechanics: The missions are all endless (defense, survival, interception, disruption). If you go down you can't self-revive. Your squadmates have to rez you. There are drones that float around with groups of enemies tethered to them. The tethered mobs are invulnerable until you take out the drones. It's the drones that drop Vitus Essence.
  9. I'd say clearing the star chart is much more important because it unlocks Arbitrations and Steel Path, which unlocks Galvanized Mods and primary & secondary arcanes, as well as key resources & farms. At any rate, if you're gonna make a stern declaration, consider explaining it. The only thing I'm aware of that's magic about 16 is it's highest weapon MR gate. Is there something else?
  10. From the wiki... If my modded power strength is 200 and I cast Empower, my next cast will be at... 200 + (200 * 0.5) == 300 power strength Is that correct?
  11. I had no idea. That’s amazing. It’s weird I never found that out just as general knowledge. Ty for the info.
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