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  1. Out of all the f'ed up things I've seen players do in this game, standing around picking their butt is pretty low on the list. See for youself. Here's the actual list... The Rhino who grabs all the points in Index and refuses to turn in The jackass verbally abusing ppl in chat The self-appointed Squad Leader BARKING ORDERS The jerk who won't get out of extract for the poor n00b who needs one more Void Trace Frost who thinks globes are for decoration The Slowva in Hydron who won't listen to reason The Saryn who just won't let up Anyone with a Bramma Warframe players in general afk xp farmer
  2. Why would you cast Protect on an enemy? Per in-game "Abilities" tip, "Venari's Heal posture can heal defense objectives when marked." Is that inaccurate? I guess it must be.
  3. Don't know what lead to the ban, but it wasn't trading a 1000p riven. People do that all day long.
  4. The in-game text for Khora's 3 says... Based on experimenting this is my best guess of what that means: > [1] Put the reticle on a thing. The reticle will turn blue. Tap 3. Outwardly, you will see no change. However, on a purely mental level, that thing is now Venari's sole obsession. > [2] Hold down 3 to tell Venari what "posture" you wish her to adopt with regard to the thing. > Where should you place the reticle while selecting Venari's "posture?" > That's a secret. > Try holding it on the thing, on some other thing, or in thin air. > The words "invalid target" will appear. > Try tapping 3 instead of holding. "Invalid target." > Try holding 3 for varying amounts of time, from half a second to several weeks. "Invalid target." > [3] Occasionally, Venari will attack stuff. I did notice the icons representing Venari's postures. I've had no luck getting her to do anything other than attack. For example, when I target a life-support tower and press or hold 3, I just get "invalid target." Anyway, Khora is popular. I see her all the time. Some of her stuff must actually work. As always, I feel like they're leaving out some tiny yet crucial piece of information. Any insight or illumination would be very much appreciated.
  5. Why would you assume either of those things? Do you have links to any such complaints? As a programmer I can tell you it's impossible. However, writing code to handle every likely event is doable, and usually required. Any system that punishes compliant users is the antithesis of "reasonable." Are you actually defending automated bans on the basis of a single factor? The present solution isn't just simple-minded and lazy, it's perverse: the game mode is literally called "endless." The detection routine doesn't have to check "every possible event." It could alarm on outliers, then check mission type and time and realize this is just a normal player doing a long survival. Why is it even checking reward levels at all? It's a clumsy, tangential heuristic. If the target is automation (I guess?) it should look at what the player is inputting, not what the game is outputting.
  6. Most lethal. Not "best status applicator." Not "best set mod host." If you could send your sentinel into a solo exterminate on its own, what weapon would you equip? I've found Prime Laser Rifle is pretty lethal, but can't say whether it's the most lethal.
  7. I don't mess with RJ so can't speak to that, but for open world content Archwings are great. Love them, particularly Itzal. I liked the old control scheme , back when it had inertia. It was really cool that you could do rolls and loops. Sad that they removed that. Oh well. The present controls get the job done. At any rate, it's fun tearing across the map at 600 kts, 50 ft AGL. That's what video games are for. Also, they're practical for open world. They solve more problems than just "taxi service." I'm surprised more players don't use them.
  8. Oh well that's easy. From the wiki... Total Kuva cost to roll: An unrolled Riven 9 times is ‍16,450. A high-rolled Riven 9 times is ‍31,500. Therefore, ‍15,050 Kuva can be saved by rolling an unrolled Riven instead.
  9. How does that work, exactly? Let's say I pay 50p for a riven. But somewhere else another person would have been willing to pay 60p. They just didn't know about it. And let's say another person knew all about it and willing to pay 500p, except they were too drunk to operate a computer. Meanwhile, that person's cat logs in, intending to buy it for 90p then flip it to the guy for 500 when he sobers up. But before cat can complete the transaction, decides to take a nap. Which price is the actual worth? What is the fundamental priciple?
  10. I get that you aren't really responding to my original post, aren't interested in it, and didn't bother to read it. However, it might amuse you to know that I specifically said...
  11. @Kaotyke you haven't merely won this thread, you've annihilated it. EVERONE ELSE: LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. This tenno did something not one of you could manage: Read the question. Answered it.
  12. Thanks. I didn't know about that API. That's really cool it's available. I guess you're talking about this one... Probably the closest I'll get to an answer.
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