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  1. All I got during that run was whatever came out of chests/lockers and whatever dropped from enemies. Only know it was round 6 because my friends told me after I asked them
  2. So I was doing the sedna disruption mission with some friends. I complete the first objective of unlocking the door. However afterwards it failed to update. We went 6 rounds of it and it didn't give me any notifications of rewards for each round. And as far as I can see I didn't get any rewards for it.
  3. During one of the sabotage missions on Jupiter my game hardlocked (is that the right term?) On me. I was near the start when suddenly after the 3rd door opened I couldn't move my warframe or do anything. The enemies killed me but I couldn't revive either. Neither game nor my ps4 would accept button inputs. The enemies still moved after my death. I had to hard restart my console. So far I haven't had it happen again. Just wondering if this is something that is known to happen or not?
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