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  1. Please let us use the Necramech in normal missions DE
  2. XD I dont want to reinstall Steam version knowing it will delete Warframe again and there is nothing I can do about
  3. What can I do? Everytime my download is done, I get this error and I have to start the whole download again.
  4. He is having fun with Mausolon? Nerf it.
  5. They said it was a bug but I doubt it ;D It's dead jim
  6. Please give Necramechs Vacuum and remove the Stamine DE, cmon...
  7. Please improve the base range of those abilities...
  8. Buffs are almost nonexistent while nerfs are now a big part of the game. Sad
  9. Why? I thought it's gonna be for experienced players
  10. DE shouldve announced these changes before some people started farming those frames again.
  11. I also started to grow hate on Wisp players with their electric motes like WHY slow it down I want to kill stuff not staying afk for several minutes
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