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  1. Wisp is fine. DE just needs to finally give her an augment.
  2. This was a very poorly designed warframe and the reason no one does the content required to get him. Anyone playing him is for the meme.
  3. Plain and simple if they don't make the missions give like 1-2000 endo or 2-3000 kuva per mission instead of credits with 2-3x drop chance for some of the rarer harder to get mods in the game and yes preferably a completion token that we can use at a vender for the cosmetics and ultimately UMBRAL FORMA.... Then honestly ill go find something else to play and DE will not see anymore of my money. Im sick and tired of DE stringing us along and giving is crap for rewards. I swear they are trying to kill their game on purpose.
  4. Proteas 1 tap needs a range increase of 25%. And its damage taking up 50%. The 1 hold needs to be a placement on the ground that applies to all in range. Having to spam this 3 times to ensure all allies/pets get it isnt good because this frame is already very ability spam heavy. Her 2 needs to have its duration doubled but a cap put on the multiplier of say 12x. Her 3 needs to have a state that say it dispense a pickup every X seconds scaling with duration or strength. I personally would rather see this ability pulse health/energy/ammo in X radius every X seconds like an energy pad
  5. So its nice to see " Hard Mode " finally coming out. But I honestly have to say that this is what you consider better rewards? When will you get it? yeah cosmetics are nice but honestly what are you thinking. in what world is this considered good or normal high teir rewards? What you should be offering are things like fair amounts of Kuva, High chance at Rare mods like Condition overload, Weeping wounds, Blood rush and Growing Power ( or maybe some new rare powerful mods ), Some Unique Powerful weapons that you wont nerf 10 days after launch when people have put 5 forma on it, Rivens and yes
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