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  1. I agree that nuker builds need to be nerfed even though i abuse the hell out of saryn, volt and equinox for that very purpose. However the fix for this is very very simple. Cap range at 190% and make it so offensive abilities can not pass thru walls Or even put it at the same value as efficency and cap it at 175% but i feel that would be putting it a little to low. I am all for this gaming going to a required team composition based meta as i feel its what is needed to save the game outside of content.
  2. I currently have amlich with the helm on the right shoulder but its 32% radiation pregenerated by ash. Message me if you would like to see it. Ill have it ready to kill or convert in a few hours
  3. Its ready and up for sale. I was able to keep ephemera so price can drop. Message me reasonable offers if interested
  4. I just got my second kuva lich and it has the toxic epherma and a 40% toxin kuva brakk. Im looking for a price check to decide if i want to kill it and keep the items or convert it and sell it. I shouted in trade and got a offer for 1200p but that person has since blocked me so i am not sure if its a troll or they just didnt have the plat.
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