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  1. that's burdensome with the mr points I'm missing exactly 2998mr points to MR30. Exactly 1 login weapon DE that's a joke or I'm with log in 521 ..... incriminating
  2. ok DE and the new tennogen wan come on ps4 xbox switch can not be the xx on pc but consoles again got nothing. it is already 15 days on pc
  3. If that should be fun out of boredom, I'll laugh afterwards. i and my team in kuva thought it over it was 188 minutes when they made the fun thank you we gave away our time and didn't get a reward because we didn't have the current hotfix thank you thank you. if you are of the opinion to do something out of a long time then I think society will pee on your legs that is an absolute cheek.
  4. So slowly I lost the desire to know when the console updates come it's the last S#&$ that we have to endure mistakes for so long. I just say Necramech errors or mods Daimos is a disaster on the console and what happens ... Nothing fuuu I'm out!
  5. and once again we are overlaid with information thank you DE honestly .... give you that the Konsolen Communiti is angry and nerdy anyway. Why ? you have to read yourself. the scrap what you are just doing ridiculous another new Necramech ..... works the same not dan !!! First get the old scrap so that it works. For my part, I only log in. I'm MR 29 and need 13 k mr points to MR 30.
  6. I could freak out if I read this DE are you so stupid, take care of the essential things for a change, what I mean .... read through the forum and it will be light on the horizon
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