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  1. Nidus + Hunter Adrenaline = infinite energy and spamming potential.
  2. In my experience, just spamming the button always worked. I never once saw the popup, but using Zephyr and as much pwr duration as possible worked like a charm.
  3. Our nightmare mods as it is are pretty good, some of these being Hammer Shot and other niche mods we all know and like. But, we don't need any more elemental mods in the game. We have 60/60 mods, 90 mods, niche mods like Proton Latch and, Warframe abilities that apply status effects like Saryn's toxic lash with the augment.
  4. I'd still buy it because like everyone else, cosmetics are purely cosmetic. If they buy it, they probably know the gun they want it on.
  5. Are you asking the tickspeed of Warframe? Or tickspeed in relation to how often a gun does damage?
  6. Have you seen the videos of people doing tricap with MK-1 Braton?
  7. I've straight up done tricaps with Atlas before, on a bet with one of my friends.
  8. So, is this a problem with the mods not going onto the weapon due to a lack of capacity?
  9. Hey! I notice your name! I've seen you in trade chat before.
  10. Not just those reasons, but since exclusive frames like Excalibur Prime exists, cross save would be kinda dumb. The combined economy would crash and burn, along with the xbox/ps4 exclusive stuff (Jade, Obsidian, etc) makes it hard to do cross save.
  11. It's probably a custom code per magazine sent out, if he's a subscriber.
  12. Do you have clips of said bug? I'm not sure I understand your problem other than clipping.
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