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  1. I appreciate the help and advice. I'll keep all of that in mind. I logged off a while ago but I will definitely add you when I get back on.
  2. I appreciate the positivity! I'm mostly frustrated because this is a good and fun game but they add things that are pointless and take away from the fun sometimes.
  3. I had a random guy try to help me, we did 3 isolation vaults in a row and didn't get any.
  4. I took about 8 months off from the game, mostly because I was burned out but also because I had other things going on in my life. I recently started playing again and was actually pretty excited. Having missed so many updates, new frames and weapons, new stories and quests, etc., I figured there was plenty of content to catch up on. I finally got all of the parts for Protea and started building her, so I decided to go for the next Warframe, Xaku. This would also allow me to check out the new open world that I hadn't had a chance to play in yet, Deimos. And this was where I was reminded why I stopped playing the game. To start, the bounties in Deimos are just terrible. They are boring, which is a problem, but the biggest issue is they simply do not work. Half the time a simple part of a bounty might take 10 minutes because enemies will not spawn. The bounty where you have to beat the Grineer in kills is almost impossible sometimes on the lower levels because everything is so weak that the Grineer insta kill everything, which forces you to stand right on top of the infected eggs that spawn enemies (which, *shock* take forever to spawn). This might be okay if the rewards you were getting were actually worth it, but unfortunately you are only getting lenses, endo, relics, etc. The pain of going through the mission simply does not match the rewards you get for completing it. Furthermore, the grind is actually unreal. I've had two of Xaku's parts built for a day now, but I'm still waiting to build the part that requires Scintillant. I have now spent 5 hours today trying to get this resource, and I've picked up 2. That is insane. It does not reflect a "good" game design, it reflects laziness. "Just make them run the same mission 50-75 times in a row to get 5 resources" is not fun, and it is actually really frustrating to players. I am all for a grind but this is not how you go about it. A grind is supposed to be meaningful, and it is supposed to be a challenge. Not just pure RNG and bad luck. I think DE confuses difficulty with luck sometimes. Difficulty is good for a game. It forces player to change their playstyles or think more strategically about how they play. These missions aren't hard - they just don't give you what you need, so you have to do them over and over and over and over until the game just is not fun any more. **EDIT** I also forgot, that right before I made this topic I also was in the middle of a bounty that just stopped working. I completed the objective and was ready for step 2, but the game just would not move on. Yet another bug. This is just the tip of the iceberg I'm sure. I don't even want to get into the other new parts of the game at this point because of how bad these first few experiences have been. I have no doubt they are just as poorly designed and rng-dependent as Deimos. It's sad because in so many ways Warframe really is a great, unique game. There's not quite anything like it to this day. But the pointless grind and missions that don't work have once again ruined it for me. I was really excited to get back into the game, and I was even ready to drop a little money to support it again. But the experience I've had coming back has really made me second guess that decision.
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