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  1. Thank you all. May the positive vibes win against the bad and the ugly.🥰
  2. The value of a module is always as high as buyer and seller mutually agree. As a prospective buyer, I wouldn't want to buy your riven if you have excessive ideas about the price. The stats of your riven are not really interesting (cc+cd are minimum "must have" stats for this weapon imho) and the Vazarin polarity additionally depresses the incentive to buy. If i would be interested to roll the stats I wish for myself, I would buy a comparable riven for 20p (actual offer) from a competitor and would save me time and nerves over a discussion with you about the value of your riven.
  3. You don't know what you're talking about, but you talk anyway, don't you? If you would at least make an effort to understand something... si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses... 🤨
  4. I'm still enjoying it, non-stop since the update. Together with the Kuva Lichs the best part of Warframe so far.😁
  5. I don't think so. I guess I'm lucky because in my case the missions are doable to around 95 percent probability. Yesterday I had once the occurence that I couldn't enter the Grineer ship in the asteroid base... the first time ever... 🤪
  6. I just know how to play the Railjack content, no matter what you think. Good bye... 🤣
  7. I don't play any of them in Railjack because there's no need to do so. During the missions I spend most of my time in the pilot's seat, actively fighting space combat enemies. Only a small part of the mission time (about 5 minutes, excluding defense missions) is spent on ground combat, so there's no need for speed warframes. <irony>And if I were you, I wouldn't accuse the game of being lame just because you think you'd rather be out sightseeing than making an effort to complete your missions quickly, as your mission clients would like you to do. <ironyoff>😁
  8. Can anybody confirm, that the Varoc crewships at Seven Sirens / Pluto Proxima reward only from the Orm crewships drop table and not from their own?
  9. Many times I had to interrupt space combat because killed enemies didn't leave enough resources for me to restore Flux energy. I then had to go elsewhere in the map to gather the resources I needed to continue the space battle. So the old Flux system was a showstopper for me in terms of game flow. The Flux system only became more reliable when I was able to provide more than 800 Flux Energy before a mission (especially in the higher tiers of Veil Proxima). I don't miss the old Flux system in the slightest. For me, the new energy management in Railjack is a significant improvement ove
  10. Typically, I use the appropriate tool for a given task and don't obsessively try to adapt that task to an obviously unsuitable tool. Even in Warframe, you have the freedom to make stupid choices. And our (you know: mine and others) perception of balance is based on exactly these decisions. If I've made a smart decision in choosing a specific Warframe for Railjack, there will be few significant problems in managing the Railjack's energy and completing missions. If my choice was not quite so wise, I will face (possibly greater) problems. Cause and effect. A simple principle that anyone c
  11. Play stupid games, win stupid prices. You know what happens if you use a squishframe in a boss fight or in steel path. The same goes for Railjack: Make a stupid choice on your (most beloved) warframe and face the consequences for doing so.
  12. Always Zenurik because energy regen and enemy slowdown. Madurai is only useful in a few special cases (e.g. Teralyst farming for the shards, Orphix resonators). But before completing the Zenurik school I would advice you to unbound all waybound abilities to get your primed Operator.
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