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  1. I use Octavia for soloing open world bounties. On Cetus she comes with a Rubico, on Fortuna with an Opticor, on Deimos with an Ignis. Comfortable and easy to use. No hectic, no stress. Grofit. Why should I vote for a change of her kit?
  2. You don't decide about my contributions in a public discussion. The "players" can criticize whatever they want. And I can criticize the players for that as long as I want. Shared space. Have a nice day 🙂
  3. Complaining players. The game itself - even if it has some minor flaws - is fine and enjoyable (at least for me).
  4. open for generous offers that respect the true value of a defeated Lich. If you just want to buy cheap then plz buy elsewhere. ---
  5. The requiem order isn't as much RNG as you might think. 😁
  6. ty very much for your efforts 😀
  7. Thank you all for your interest in my offers (and your buys), but this Kuva Lich trading round has expired today. Maybe I will pack a new bundle so stay tuned. Have a nice day and stay healthy 😉😉🙂🙃
  8. My submission for: Virtual Valentines Enjoy and happy Valentine's day :)
  9. There are just a few players around that care about masks. The most I've met (and sold Liches to) care only about the ephemeras and weapon damage bonus. Kuva Lich fashion is nice to have but doesn't really matter at the end. I've done more than 100 Liches until now (9 in trade now) and care a bit about Kuva Lich fashion but I wouldn't sell the Lich you show here because it has no real value (for me): meh weapon bonus, no ephemera, body parts mixed, boring progenitor helmet (standard Inaros Prime helmet). For me it would only be valence infusion fodder. But never mind. If you find an
  10. I've done 98 Liches until now. Never needed more than 3 hours to finish one. The more experience you get with the murmur grind the more you'll come closer to 2-2.5 hours per Lich. I don't do Kuva Liches for the weapons. I do them for Kuva Lich fashion. The weapons and the ephemeras are just a neat side effect.
  11. I'm actually collecting the rest of my missing intrinsics (9-9-9-10) with solo-Flexa/Ivara-method to be prepared for commando. Until now I've experienced these issues (inconsistently): In Space: Itzal blink not working after a while in space In Grineer galeon: Operator dash not working (dash does no distance) In Grineer galeon: Arcane energize not working (triggered but not energizing) Not really gamebreaking (but noticeable) issues that happened more than once in more than one mission. hth
  12. Please fix all Railjack missions before adding new content. It's horrible to invest nearly half an hour of my lifetime into a mission that I have to cancel just because one door doesn't open. That bug is a showstopper. You've been informed about that for more than a year now and nothing has been fixed since then. Fix it. Now. Please. Add mutators to Warframe (like in UT). Even in Railjack. If other players want a nerf to Tether, Void hole or any other weapon: Let them select that as a singleplayer/multiplayer mission mutator and add some additional rewards for that. I've spent a lot of ti
  13. The reason for a nerf on Kuva Nukor and Ignis Wraith would be? Impo the overall usage of said weapons should just be a strong indicator for the devs to create other weapons with comparable kill efficiency because kill efficiency is the base of the gameplay. More kill efficiency = faster gameplay = faster (and more) mission rewards = more plat circulating and finally extracted from the market because of potatoes, cosmetics etc. And finally: You no longer want to walk when you are used to using a car.
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