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  1. Is it possible to have one handed weapons in melee mode allow for pistols and other one handed firearms to be used? It's nice to use a skana in melee mode and send a bullet after that one grineer lancer trying to set off alarms. It sounds so satisfying. Also chroma rework? His abilities dont really synergize well together except for his 2 and 3. Maybe replace his 1 with a new defensive ability like embers imolation, where his other abilities are strengthened by the number of enemies with status effects matching his current emissive color? I love him, he just isnt quite as useable in sorties as say rhino, yet much harder to aquire.
  2. Reflection still works only when damage is taken while channeling; and assuming that manual-blocking is the new channeling; it is impossible to really take damage unless you are shot in the back, and no damage is reflected as far as I can tell in those cases. Plz fix. I want a jedi-frame so bad.
  3. Y'all still have plenty of time to wait. So don't give up so soon. Let's get pumped my guys
  4. Therefore, we have about 4 hours until it's confirmed whether or not the update comes out today. Because a twitch streamer was asked to delay playing warframe, after initially being asked to play from 2-4. Therefore the update should come out after 4, but before people are done with work which is usually 6-ish give or take.
  5. This is true, I'm not sure what DEV's timezone is, but here it's only noon, so I doubt kids are Trick or Treating rn. So they do have all day to work and stuff like most adults do during the day of Halloween. But at night when they get home from work they most certainly will take their kids out....after they release the update.
  6. Mostly because it makes it more flexible for them if they last-second catch a bug. From what I understand, as soon as they finish polishing the update, they pretty much release it right away. So saying it's this week, they have a little wiggle room if they run into trouble. Like it seems they have. It's so that this forum doesn't explode if it releases a day late. If they don't say when that day is, we can't rly say that it's actually late.
  7. Tbh just excited for melee boosts and mechanics. Lich's are going to be scary and a fun challenge, but I'm not excited to have one stealing my resources. Grendel is alright, but I personally don't find much need to farm him right away. Ember's rework will be exciting, as well as Vauban; so ig I'm looking forward to that as well, but STANCES and COMBOS and STATS BOOST on melee weapons? I'm dying over here.
  8. He did say later...not tomorrow....So it comes out after 4, because they asked him to stream from 2-4 and then said not to. Can we assume that it's (widely)around 6pm today then?
  9. It seems like it would be released today. It's a great time to do it. It's mostly a question of how finished the update is. It would be foolish of them to be teasing the update as much as they had if it was loaded with huge bugs. It looks as though most of the update is complete, it just needs polish. But from the DEV stream it looks almost entirely ready for release. Therefore, "work on The Old Blood" would mean actually updating right?
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