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  1. Yes, I did all that aside from Steel Charge and Shattering, and I think shattering might have helped more... hitting the Wolf is like attacking a Battalyst, no procs work, and like a Juggernaut, no CC works, overall I think melting the armour is all you really could do.... my highest hits were with heavy attack at max combo, and like 13k red crit at best. Should usually be like a 200k, but my lord the armour. Luckily he is a melee-only mob, but there's not a whole lot of reason to try to exploit that with ranged attacks since he's completely immune to procs.
  2. So, this still exists as a thing, and still seems to be a problem if the gear you have turns out to be less than optimal for something you're trying to kill. It was covered nicely by a newer player in an older post back in 2017, where they had issue with a certain shadow stalker. My case is only slightly different in that I made the wonderful choice to summon a Wolf of Saturn Six on Steel Path, in Teshub, Void, an exterminate mission. A friend and I (playing Hildryn and Harrow respectively) cleared the map, summoned him, then got him down about 50% HP with no deaths, though with a lot of
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