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  1. Was doing endless with a friend of mine, and decides to upgrade a relic the very last minute. This happens instead. I just want my rewards back T.T
  2. TYPE: In-Game [GAME BREAKING BUG] DESCRIPTION: You can gain INFINITE amount of TOTAL DMG when sorting through railjack mods/configurations, with or without any mods. And yes, you can basically gain 1 million of total damage and more if you keep repeating the process. VISUAL: https://youtu.be/ymY6rghOhx8 - As you can see, the total damage goes up, even without any mods. REPRODUCTION: When modding your railjack, just simply switch between any config and watch the number grows. EXPECTED/OBSERVED RESULTS: Well, what else do you expect? You can literally 1 shot anything on the veil proxima, with ANY MK1 weapon, without ANY mods. Seriously. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% You can abuse this bug, persistently (Well unless DE releases another hotfix)
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