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  1. This kept happening throughout the evening. I obtained permission from the 2 players who were host migrated out of our Sortie mission (2nd stage - Sabotage) as we were extracting. The last player and myself were able to extract the mission. Player Name 1: MATTDAMEON Player Name 2: Arcane_Bullet Update #1: During 3rd Sortie mission, I got host migrated out (Survival).
  2. Tried to do the rare fish captures on POE for NW with a friend. We went to myusual spot on the far left (where the giant dead fish is) since there were a couple hotspots there - nothing. I was using Ivara Prime and Oxylus; friend was using Wukong Prime. Tested each bait, but nothing spawned (I was able to test all the Ocean fish - night and day). We then proceeded to Garotha Lake and tested there, but nothing spawned. I extracted and went back in and repeated - nothing for ocean, but finally got Norgs at Garotha Lake. Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this, but figured I'd
  3. I forgot to mention: I inquired with the Region chat to see if anybody had a similar issue, and one had mentioned his friend had the same Host Migration issue. I asked for permission to obtain his friend's username just in case, but that was denied unfortunately.
  4. I play with my partner and friend together, so we typically form a squad before loading a mission. Upon starting our mission (Axi Fissure - Rusalka (Sedna), Sabotage (39-41) - Grineer), it host migrated myself out of the group and the voting was cancelled. I was reinvited back into the group and after the 2nd attempt, it host migrated my partner out of the group and caused his game to crash (a window popped up shortly after for reporting the bug (around 9pm ET). Shortly after, I was also host migrated. I believe this happened during yesterday's devstream with Marcus.
  5. bahaha well there's a cap with how much you can place in there. So no matter how big the ship is, there's a limit. But honestly, this is just our own personal ship; we don't need it to be too big. The Dojo is also somewhere you can decorate! Though, I do wish we could maybe have like a 5-10 limit on decorating our Railjacks ;P
  6. I think at the end of the day, they're listening and doing whatever they can to try to balance things out. They did mention that their intention was never to "nerf" the melee, per se. They're taking a wide range of things into consideration and working more on the balance. Unfortunately there will always be somebody who won't be overly impressed by the updates, but that's bound to happen no matter what changes are made. I don't think you should worry to much either though. If I recall correctly, attack speed stacking will be impacted a bit, but only time will tell by how much.
  7. I'm down to take some Pivs if you have any spares! Feel free to DM me in game; can see what you might need too :)
  8. Floofs are cool too! They're primarily in my lounge though lol
  9. Those are from Grandmother on Deimos (whenever they rotate in :))
  10. I've yet to place a bunch of sculptures still, but just thought I'd share this! Bf hates me for this because of the amount of endo just sitting there, but meh! PS. If anybody has any spare Piv Sculptures, please let me know! I need to finish my trees :P
  11. I had this riven for a shotgun, so I equipped it on my Cedo and used my Zaw as the melee. For WF, I used Gauss and for pet, I used my Smeeta. Upon starting my survival mission on Sedna, the riven challenge appeared at the beginning so I know it's active. I ended up sustaining 12x combo multiplier for more than 4 minutes of the mission, but still could not crack this riven. It's getting to be rather frustrating when so many rivens have fine prints that aren't readily available in-mission. If the riven is to be taken at face value of what it's requesting, why is it that we have to w
  12. Thought I'd mention this since somebody mentioned it in game just now... but would Host Migrations have anything to do with it? When the Host disconnects and everybody host migrates, you lose all the XP from before the Host Migration... but idk how that would affect after... Idk, just figured I'd mention it.
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