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  1. did your sister duplicate herself by chance? I had a similar issue, but it was way more amplified than just the mods not working... my sister duplicated herself 13 times...
  2. In the pic alone, you can see at least 3 of the sisters....
  3. I'm not sure what just happened in this mission, but is this normal?? I have the order of my requiems figured out so just needed the sister to come out. She finally came out, but then she started multiplying! I had about 13 of my same sister appear at once, including other enemies. But every time I'd attack a sister, it wasn't the right one so the "Actual" sister was just never getting hurt unless through radial damage. Couldn't get a perfect screenshot, but in the attached screenshot, you'll see at least 3 sisters among a bunch of her hounds too... This was on Hydra, Pluto...
  4. So, I'm really not sure if it's just me or others out there are experiencing this, but it says holokeys have a general drop chance of 37.5%. Why is it then that I can spend 10+hours grinding for these keys only to get a total of 17 only?? Honestly getting really fed up with these drop chances... I've seen players saying they were able to get all 4 weapons from Parvos in a day, yet I spend over 10 hours to barely get anything? Oddly enough, my bf was playing and in one day he got 38... I just got a promotion at work so I'm working ridiculous hours; on my time off, I'd like to be able to play this game and feel like I could still make progression. This new update has literally been nothing but a waste of time for me, and it's quite sad... I live an hour away from DE so I'm a proud supporter of this Canadian game (probably spent about $1000 on this game in the past year). I'm tired of running all these Veil and Pluto Proxima Void Storms with minimal return... Talk about Carpal Tunnel??? I even had a player comment on how he's never run the mission so many times with 0 holokeys and said my bad RNG is rubbing off on others... Is anybody else having this issue??
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