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  1. They've already stated that it will be announced next week. All prime vaults ever have been announced on tuesdays so look forward to that day.
  2. Server still alive and kickin' incredibly active and helpful community :)
  3. My apologies to anyone who tried to read this during its first hour, i had to switch some font colors because when i made this thread i copy and pasted(for the most part) from my google docs template, i did not realize it would make font have a singular color for both dark and light themes.
  4. Greetings, before i break down our concerns and requests i shall introduce you all to the Vaulted Relic Recruitment discord server. This server is a direct successor to the old Vaulted Relic Burners discord server that had been up since late 2017 until november 2020 and is being managed by almost all of the same people as it had been before. What do we do in Vaulted Relic Recruitment exactly? Well, we maintain a semi-casual approach towards opening vaulted relics and forming squads more easily than it is in the in game recruit chat. This is made possible by the use of our Void Relic Bot w
  5. This brings back memories of when primed chamber stopped being exclusive, certainly liked it more when things were kept that way.
  6. Valkyr, Cernos and Venka Prime Nyx, Scindo and Hikou Prime respectively
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