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  1. They've already stated that it will be announced next week. All prime vaults ever have been announced on tuesdays so look forward to that day.
  2. Server still alive and kickin' incredibly active and helpful community :)
  3. My apologies to anyone who tried to read this during its first hour, i had to switch some font colors because when i made this thread i copy and pasted(for the most part) from my google docs template, i did not realize it would make font have a singular color for both dark and light themes.
  4. Greetings, before i break down our concerns and requests i shall introduce you all to the Vaulted Relic Recruitment discord server. This server is a direct successor to the old Vaulted Relic Burners discord server that had been up since late 2017 until november 2020 and is being managed by almost all of the same people as it had been before. What do we do in Vaulted Relic Recruitment exactly? Well, we maintain a semi-casual approach towards opening vaulted relics and forming squads more easily than it is in the in game recruit chat. This is made possible by the use of our Void Relic Bot which allows players to subscribe to relics they want to open and notify them when someone else wants to open them. Vaulted Relic Recruitment is the main server in the server hub which our bot holds up, what this means is that our bot is not only in one server but in multiple others to facilitate the recruitment and suit your discord needs. I am a moderator and former administrator on the server and so i’ve come to deliver you this thread so that Void Fissures and Relics are made great again. Now, our concerns and requests come from a large pool of veterans who have been running vaulted relics and more importantly, void fissures for hundreds and even thousands of hours with tens of thousands of completed missions. This thread will contain what the community thinks should be handled as well as some QOL, new features and bug fixes. QoL Improvements Traces obtained during endless void fissure missions should be automatically added to your trace balance instead of at the end of the mission. Currently, endless missions are inferior to non endless due to the fact that you don’t get your traces immediately, which means that before you go into a long endless void fissure, you’d have to completely use your traces on relics to make sure that by the time you go out you don’t go over cap in your traces balance. Increase the rate at which the void fissures spawn during defense and disruption missions. These missions have a lot of potential to overcome the non-endless missions but the only thing holding them back is corrupted enemies spawning considerably slower. Increase the amount of Void Traces that can possibly be obtained during each relic opening. Currently the range starts with a minimum of 6 traces up to 30 traces. With a booster this becomes 12 to 60. We cannot stress enough how awfully long it takes to go from less than 100 traces to capping out at 1400-1600.For example, i play with a Resource Booster all the time, but it still takes me on average 60-80 minutes to reach out my cap which is 1500 Traces (MR28). It is also worth noting that players doing radshares are expected to get a rare part every 3 runs. For the average players, getting 6 traces per mission makes the task of farming their desired prime part incredibly tedious since they would at least need 300 traces IF they do not own a booster. Add-ons and Features Wishlist Add fissures to existing nodes that don’t have them!!! Ideally we’d suggest adding Mercury to the Lith Era, Deimos to the Meso Era, and Lua to the Neo or Axi Eras (or maybe both like the ones in the Void!). Though, if you were to add Deimos to the Meso Era we would highly suggest moving Saturn to the Neo Era so that there is full faction diversity (Currently the only way to fight the Grineer in Neo is through the defense and interception missions in Uranus which little to nobody enjoys or would prefer doing). Also IIRC, it was said in a devstream that there would be fissures in deimos but here we are, still nothing. Mass Relic Refinement. This feature could make a tedious thing to do (which is refining a bunch or lots of relics one by one) into something better by allowing us to, say, upgrade 10 units of a relic we own to radiant with just a couple of clicks instead of many. Repeat Last Relic Feature. For anyone who is trying to open multiple units of their relics this would be a good improvement as most of the time we have to manually type the name of the relic we want to select, that if not scroll through our collection of relics (which is too large for some of us..) Favorite Relics Feature. Allow us to mark relics as Favorite so that when we go to a Void Fissure mission and go to select a relic, we don’t accidentally use them. For example, if I want to save a couple of Axi V8 Relics to open with my friend to get them the rare part later, the game could stop showing it when you are in the relic selection screen. Give us Steel Path Fissures! This could be a great alternative to increasing the Void Trace amount gained every time you open a relic, since there is a Resource Booster applied in Steel Path missions. And while we’re here, it would be great if Steel Path missions in the Void gave 2 relics at the end of the mission instead of just one. Bug Fixes Below is a list of bugs that the community thinks should be fixed as soon as possible as they are a tad too annoying to deal with. Fix a UI Bug where a player’s UI will disappear if the squad host starts a relic selection vote before a player loads back into orbiter. For normal missions, another player simply forcing mission start will fix this. But for Void Fissure missions another player has to force mission start, wait for everyone to load in and then the affected player has to leave and rejoin for this bug to be fixed, this is our way of going around it but it happens so often and is so annoying that it discourages some people from playing. Footage below: https://youtu.be/dh7N0vxz27Y Fix a case of FPS loss in an instance where a player hosts a squad but they have a titania teammate in their squad. In addition to this, for as long as the host’s FPS drop as hard as they do, the rest of the teammates will have trouble opening doors and other things registering properly such as ability casts. Computer specs barely matter in this, as show in the footages below. I personally drop to 8-12fps when this occurs. Footage #1: Specs are in the video description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5rc5SewKsI Footage #2: Specs in the video title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2Vv8vBFOm8 Footage #3: This is taken from a Geforce Now machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ4N8yN-tsg Fix overall Void Fissure spawns in Lith Era missions. A lot of the time specially on the earth missions, Void Fissures stop spawning when players are close to extract or in rare times, when objective has been completed, thus, preventing unfortunate players that either loaded into the mission late or had to afk for 1 minute from opening their relics, forcing the team to extract or abort. Enemy spawns in general are also lower in Lith Era missions, this should be improved. Fix Void Fissure spawn locations in Europa. Currently, the way the game determines where there will be a void fissure to corrupt enemies in the Europa tileset is entirely random, half of the time there will be corrupted enemies 200 to 300 meters away from your position rather than your closest enemies. This is even more of an issue when you have a full 4 player squad. Owning upgraded relics (radiant for example) still doesn’t allow you to link vaulted relics in the in game chat. Up until last year we used to be able to link vaulted relics in the in game chat regardless of their refinement but a recent update caused only intact relics to work for this purpose, we ask you to revert this. 6. Rejoining a Void Fissure mission after it has expired only allows you to select Lith Relics. There’s cases where unfortunately a member of the squad gets disconnected by whatever reason when the fissure has expired, so by the time they can rejoin, the game will only allow them to choose Lith Relics and not the other Eras if that’s what they were doing. Thank you for taking your time reading this, we'd be incredibly happy if we got at least one thing out of making this thread. /vaultedrelics is the invite link for the discord server if anyone is interested.
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