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  1. I still have not gotten it. I have unlinked and relinked everything. Restarted the game, rinse, repeat. I do not see this in my OP invi or anywhere else.
  2. I did send a message to DE, I've gotten no reply. I have also unlinked and relinked everything. Still nada.
  3. I am having exactly the same problem! No matter what I do it does not show up!
  4. I claimed the "The Vayas Prime Operator Accessories Bundle" ( it said successfully) for the Twitch Prime drop. Though, it has not shown up in my inventory since. I have logged out and relogged several times and none of the items show up in inventory for my OP. I double checked that my Twitch Prime was indeed linked (it is) and the marketplace banner for the prime drop shows it was claimed successfully. Still no items show up. Could you please check on why it has not arrived for me, perhaps it got stuck in a pipe. Thanks much!
  5. Endless Excavation: They mean it when they say endless. We did one round, tried to extract, told us we failed and we get no cake. Went back, did 3 rounds, same prob, says we failed. Went back, did 6 rounds, same prob. I get that endless means endless, but can we at least be able to extract at some point? Thx!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Appreciated!
  7. I've been waiting for Ember Prime to be available for a long time. She never shows up. Also, she cannot be farmed via relics anymore so I am stuck in a holding pattern. Please make her available either via relics again or open her up on Prime Vault! Thanks much!
  8. The issues I have with the open worlds is it lacks fresh explorations to find bonus loot or rare things. Nothing ever changes, you never stumble upon a treasure. The missions are on an endless repeat and get stale very fast. K Drive falling through the earth renders it useless. Venus has so many glitches on the missions, for example; bounty fails as soon as you walk out the elevator door (mission 3 Profit Taker I'm talking to you). Matchmaking is painful on higher missions when 2 people decide to just leech and not play. There is no ability to kick idle players from squad to allow active playe
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