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  1. when i go to inventory( esc > inventory or trading) , it always pop out "account has invalid inventory slots. You won't be able to buy slots or claim crafted weapons(if you currently own no slots) for certain categories." message.. how to solve this?
  2. buy all 3 for 750p
  3. primed mod maxed 180p or offer arcane fury r5 300p
  4. pm /comment price and element
  5. idk how to insert image from url..should i need to upload somewhere first?
  6. comment for for info, gonna sell it cheap
  7. pm in game for more info or comment ur price, i will pm u if the price is fair
  8. i think its workable..can put elements damage(-slash no affect the damage added by elements mod)
  9. +350% above crit chance +160% above crit damage -88%slash is it good? or should i reroll? comment pls..help
  10. +103.9% status duration +91.7% status chance +95.8%projectile speed mr10 2rolls pm in game offer
  11. +22.8%damage to grineer +62.1%CD +73.6%CC 67rolls wanted price:300p but NEGO
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