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  1. Hi there! I just bought 1000 PL and would like to know the best usage for me as a new player. I also bought the starter pack, so im already boosted on exp! Right now im almost at mastery 5 and got frost prime, vectis prime (from twitch prime ages ago, didn even play by that time) and am building an oberon and a rhino! Guess the best usage is for cosmetics and slots, but would like to hear some other opinions xD Thanks! and sry for my bad english 😛
  2. Paguei sábado e acabou de cair aqui, amigo. Abraço!
  3. Mesma coisa aqui. Pesquisando aqui no fórum achei um tópico do ano passado que dizia que as platinas compradas por boleto podem demorar até 14 dias para cair. Bem desanimador.
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