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  1. I think DE just don't want everyone keep using 'Viral+Slash' in every mission, but the result is those enemy in Deimos become harder to kill than any other enemy in star chart. But at the end, those 'status immune' , 'damage cut' will lead everyone to use Mesa and 'spam 4 to win'.
  2. At least Garuda has her 4th to 'boost' her total damage on weapon, except those enemy immune to slash. It is good idea to have different enemy with different resistance, but sometime it just drive people to use those 'OP frame' with 'OP weapon' to reduce headache during mission.
  3. Well never thought about that, but still, Iwell the good thing is those enemy with any reduction on true damage is not common in the star chart. I just felt sad because Ash can't enjoy using Bladestorm in Deimos. Still, it will be great if DE can do special treatment into different warframe ability.
  4. I was very excited on the helminth system, and I tested so many combination just to let me play some old, weak warframe. Now I want to talk about Ash, well everyone knows his 1st ability with augment is very good, but not many will focus in his 4th ability. And just consider Ash is another 'just 6000EXP warframe'. Ash 4th ability is very fun and it bring us the feeling of 'I am the ninja'. I can stab and kill any enemy in invisible, very cool right? But it is not that cool once Ash started to face enemy with damage reduction. I can understand why DE will apply damag
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