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  1. Passive ability: Broken Mind - Every 10 seconds, a portion of your hp, energy, armor, or shields is converted into a damage bonus. Effect does not stack. After the duration of it ends, the taken part of the bar is instantly refilled, and the cycle repeats. Abilites: Shrapnel Attack - Converts a part of your total HP into a mechanical parts, which then can be shot using a shrapnel launcher. The more time you hold the ability buton, the higher the drain, but higher the damage and multishot bonus. The more enemies you hit with it, the higher the health regeneration. Oil Puddle - Creates the oil leak in your warframe, which then spills on the ground. The oil puddle slows down the enemies, and can get all status effects applied to it, to create a deadly trap. The effect lasts for one minute. Repair Armor - Gives increased health and shield regeneration to allies in the radius of 20 metres from you. This effect lasts for 30 seconds. Awoken Remains - Summons a random specter to assist you. Every time it is hit, you restore a part of your health and shields. After it dies, you get the damage bonus and a portion of your energy back..
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