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  1. Clan name: haHAA Tribe ClanClan tier: StormClan platform: PCClan role: Founding WarlordFeature image: Video: https://youtu.be/nZkTSYvk8nwThank you DE for having this contest, and to my clan mates who helped with the decorating!For our clan, I decided to let our members 'claim' certain rooms as their own, hence why there are quite a few distinctly decorated rooms around in our dojo! Of course I sadly couldn't include all of them in one 3 min video. Our feature image is of our newly decorated sushi room. A member mentioned thinking the mosaic garden gave them a big "sushi restaurant vibe", and w
  2. go mining/fishing when you have a resource booster on, you'll get double
  3. well at least now you know you don't need to do the whole sequence again or farm the shards :D just go straight to the boss fight
  4. Valinor 🤭 (aka the undying lands from the lord of the rings universe)
  5. They'll have to make sure clothings don't stretch out weird as well if they do that~
  6. Yes, you need to equip the sigil for the new syndicate you want to gain standings with
  7. If you have already finished the puzzle once, a crystal will show up in the (crime scene) room which you can click on and it'll bring you directly to the boss fight. No need to redo the puzzle
  8. There are custom obstacle course available in dojos for players to create :D
  9. https://youtu.be/htR2X6lvI88 Here is my NW scene for reference. 03:03 for my "clue cuffs" and 06:02 for the "decoration cuffs" thats in your screenshot ^.^
  10. I mean, that might be the decoration cuffs, not the clue cuffs. I just checked my own NW scene and the cuffs at the location in your screenshot, are also for decoration only.
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