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  1. Same as well, got monday's, no tuesday's~ (no biggie for me but guess it was the same for everyone else O.o) Update: i got 2 glyphs for wednesday's ^.^
  2. Here's my entry~ Not edited. Wanted to capture the two clashing colours in this open world :D
  3. For Vox and Quills, you can also use toroids/cores from normal enemy drops, to exchange for rep.. Not just the main boss fights
  4. Well you will get it back when you kill your lich anyway~
  5. Use Ivara (or ash too i guess) when fishing/mining~
  6. Pretty sure rank 60 is already extended :D Used to be 30 i think
  7. Well there are mods that allow you to collect more ammo.. Or using guns with unlimited ammo.. Also Doesnt that mean you only have been using the primary up to that point? Since you ran out of ammo?
  8. They did work on 'old content' like for the Deadlock Protocol update, plus they did mention in a devstream somewhere that they will be working on archwing as well. I personally like how the current railjack/liches/open worlds are (wouldnt mind updates to those tho, since rj/liches are still new with plenty of potential)
  9. Before it subsumes, theres literally a confirmation page where you have to type out 'confirm'
  10. i got this too, nothing at the call point and no horrasque showed up cos of the glitch
  11. If you have ivara, stay in her 3rd
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